Monday, January 11, 2016

The New Monday Quiz's Map Room

It's been a long time since we did a good old fashioned map interpretation quiz, so here's one before we return to the march of decades. Some of these may take some detailed study before they succumb to your analysis.












Morgan said...

1. Population in Egypt
2. States in South Africa
3. Religions
4. Rain in the Iberian Peninsula (and the Balearic Islands)
5. Some sort of thing in Ontario
6. Tree cover in South America
7. Active Volcanoes
8. Population Density in China
9. These are countries in the EU, I think. I don't know what the percentages are. German fluency?
10. Jewish people

DrSchnell said...

Did somebody say maps?
1. Egyptian population density
2. Provinces of South Africa
3. Dominant religion and percentage of population following it
4. The rain in Spain (and Portugal), I assume falling mainly on the plain.
5. Percent French speakers in Ontario
6. Rainfall average in South America
7. volcanoes
8. Population density in China
9. percentage German speakers
10. Percentage of Jewish population

pfly said...

A map quiz? Really? Alrighty! But wait. What are the questions? Tell what these maps are showing? I'll assume so.

1. Population density in Egypt.
2. Regions of South Africa. What kind of regions? Um, just, you know, general regions. I'm not quite sure. Maybe like states or provinces or whatever they have there. Do they really have a state called "Free State"?
3. Religion in southern Asia and part of Africa. Green is Islam, brown Hindu, yellow/tan Buddhist, red Catholic, blue Protestant, purple...Shinto in Japan and I'm not quite sure in China. I've see this map.
4. Precipitation in Iberia.
5. This is odd. I mean it's Ontario, but... The legend hints at population but it obviously isn't population density. Percentage of people who....huh. I'm not sure what that northern arc would be. Mining? I don't know. Percentage of people who *something*. Beyond that I'd have to guess randomly.
6. Another precipitation map? No, I think it is more to do with vegetation. Like vegetation biomass. Something like that. Though South Georgia Island appears dark, which seems weird.
7. Volcanoes, I think.
8. Looks like population density of China.
9. European Union...something to do with green energy?
10. Hmm. The scale colors are a bit annoying. I'm not sure I see anything in the 10-20% or 20-50% classes. I guess it is percent of population that is Jewish?

Well, that was harder than expected!