Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Exploring the Evergreen State, Part X
Similar to many year round beautiful drives in this Pacific Northwest Wonderland.

Great news for people who haven't been enjoying our tour of Washington: this is the last stop on our tour of Washington!  We end where we began, back in Seattle, the state's great metropolis.  From here, we will return to our various homes on different trains, or perhaps by plane!  But I'm sure we will always remember the many sights and attractions of the Evergreen State, especially those of a hydroelectric nature!


Posted: February 8, 1945

Dear Mom,

Everything fine.  Kids O.K.  Linda & Johnny's cold almost gone.  Everyone here just fine.  Hope you are same.

Rains so hard here the drops bounce on the sidewalks & hit you in the face.

Love, Ruth & Kids.

One of Seattle's many beauty spots.  The Seattle Art Museum may be seen just beyond the water storage reservoir.  Lake Washington in the distance.

Posted: July 6, 1964

Dear Marie & Charlie,

We might drop in to see you on the way back which might be around next Monday.  If your not home that's OK & if you are its OK.  Peggy
Love, Ethel

Similar to many year round beautiful drives in this Pacific Northwest Wonderland.

Posted: August 3, 1960

Enadel and I are in the Pacific Northwest to visit her many kind folks here.  Now are spending a couple of days in Seattle.  I am returning to L.___ next week but Enadel will stay on a little longer


The new one-million dollar Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park is noted for its fine collection of Oriental Jade.  From the steps of the museum building it is possible to see the peaks of more than 26 mountains, including Mr. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, and Mt. Olympus.

Posted: [redacted]

Pfc. Wilhelm J Wojeck 357555760.
Co. A. 391 Inf. A.P.O. 98
c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Calif.

Passed by Army Examiner 34273, Joseph W. Stunkel

Seattle, Washington
An interesting view of Seattle, Washington from the central buisness district across LakeUnion toward the northern residential area.  Showing on the right is the freeway, part of U.S. Highway [Interstate] 5, which runs from Mexico to Canada without a single stop sign.

Posted: [illegible]

Seattle April 8th.

Dear Marylyn, Just a card to let you know, I got here safely.  Grace is still very ill, don't know if, and when she will be home.  I am having a good time with my old time friends.  Today lunch at the Space Needle.  Dinner in West Seattle tonite.  Hope all is fine with you.

Love, Thera

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