Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Infinite Art Tournament, Left Bracket Second Round: Ter Borch v. Terbrugghen!

Very probably the last Left Bracket Second Round match!

Gerard Ter Borch
1617 - 1681

Lost to David Teniers in Round 1.
Tied with Yves Tanguy in First Round Elimination.
Beat Emil Nolde handily in First Round Elimination.

Hendrick Terbrugghen
1588 - 1629

Beat pastry specialist Wayne Thiebaud in Round 1 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
Lost to Switzerland's Jean Tinguely in Round 2.

Vote for the artist of your choice in the comments, or any other way that works for you. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Polls open for at least one month past posting, but likely much longer.


Morgan said...

This is a fairly apples-to-apples comparison, with Terbrugghen winning the day.

Christine M. said...

Ter Borch

Michael5000 said...

Mariah goes with Terbrugghen on Facebook.

UnwiseOwl said...

Terbrugghen for me, please.

DrSchnell said...


mrs.5000 said...

Ach! Ter Borch is clearly the better apple.

boonec1974 said...

Super close for me. I'll go with Ter Borch, as will Nora.

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes-by-mail for Ter Borch

Michael5000 said...

Eh, easy, both good but definitely Terbrugghen for relatability.

Candida said...


Nichim said...


Michael5000 said...

It was a real see-saw battle, but Terbrugghen wins on the strength of those last two votes, with seven against five. Thanks for voting!