Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Infinite Art Tournament: Brace for the Madness

So, you know what's happening on Thursday.  Everybody knows what's happening on Thursday.

What you didn't know is that March Madness 2018 will feature a veritable glut of high-powered art contests.  All.  Month.  Long.

For example, what happens when Frederick Church loses to Caillebotte? I'll tell you what happens.  He takes on freaking Caravaggio in the Left Bracket, that's what!
And when Albrecht Dürer falls to Degas, it only means he'll be taking on Cezanne

And it's gonna be like that all month.  Because on March 15, we're going to start another Round Six match pitting the winner of Eakins/Friedrich against the winner of van Gogh/Grimshaw!  And on March 27, it's the winner of Altdorfer/Balla against the winner of Bernini/Bruegel!!

It's going to be big big big names all month, and I personally guarantee you difficult decisions and lots of awesome art!  (Plus, we'll take one day out to salute the Tournament's ten least successful artists).  

Tell your friends!  Tell your family!  Tell your social media contacts!  It's

 March Madness 2018 
Round Six has finally arrived!

One more thing: with March madness we're also going to change post timing from early mornings to Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and Saturday evenings.  It will be a Saturday evening post!

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