Monday, August 27, 2007

The Boring Motherlode

[Only one more day to make suggestions for the reading list of non-fiction books!]

I know a lot of you have been thinking, "michael5000 -- we know you've been on vacation. Surely you scored some boring postcards?"

Why yes, yes I did. In a little junkshop in my hometown, Bandon-sur-la-Mer, Mrs. 5000 and I hit a veritable motherlode of extremely boring postcards. We had to do some serious screening to get down to just 11. Here are a few that made the cut.

The Villita Assembly Building, San Antonio

Stuft Shirt Restaurant, Newport Beach, California

Paul Masson Champagne Cellers, Saratoga, California

Wamsutter Motel, Wamsutter, Wyoming

Meanwhile, at Northern California's venerable "Trees of Mystery" tourist trap, I found a more modern postcard that spectacularly fails to capture the beauty, the majesty, or even the essential verticality of the mighty redwoods:

Once again, I had to keep my eye on Mrs. 5000 around the concrete megasculpture. She's a sucker for a man with an axe.


fingerstothebone said...

While you have your eyes on the Man, I'd say the Bull is about to make a run for the Mrs.

Rebel said...

I was thinking the same thing! Glad you & Mrs.5K made it out of there alive. =P

Michael5000 said...

@fingers, rebel: You know, it's really not so much a "Bull" as an ox. Babe. The Blue Ox.

Rigorous study in the Bovinity Department of Wikipedia, however, leads me to temper what was going to be a scathing digression on this topic. Turns out that "an ox is nothing more than a mature bovine with an 'education.'" Oxen are just trained cows. Who knew?