Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Thursday Quiz I

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for the inaugeral version of

The Thursday Quiz!

The Thursday Quiz is a "Is It or Isn't It" game. From the list of twelve items, your job is to determine whether each IS or ISN'T in the week's category.


1. No research, Googling, Wikiing, or use of reference books. The Thursday Quiz is a POP quiz.
2. Contest lasts for, like, 24 hours. Or until I get around to my next post. Whatever.
3. Winner is the person who has the most right answers. In the event of a tie, who really cares?
4. Prizes: in the act of playing, you earn the reward you deserve.

Ready? OK, we'll ease into this fiasco with one that will be relatively easy for much of the L&TM5K readership, although brutally difficult for the overseas contingent:

This Week's Category:
U.S. Presidents

1. Samual Adams
2. Chester Arthur
3. James Buchanan
4. Grover Cleveland
5. David Lloyd George
6. Warren Harding
7. Edward Henry Harriman
8. Stephen Harper
9. Benjamin Harrison
10. Andrew Johnson
11. John Montgomery
12. John Tyler

Submit your answers as a comment, of course. Godspeed and good luck.


Karin said...

I'm gonna say: 3, 4, 6, 9, 10.

Do we get penalized for wrong answers? Right, how exactly would you manage that?

And do you realize how amazingly difficult it is to resist the urge to google this? Argh! (But in a good way.)

Rebel said...

Is (or rather was): 2,3,4,6,9,10,12.

Wasn't: 1 (but he would have been a good one!),5,7,8,11.

Jenny! said...

1. Samual Adams - No
2. Chester Arthur - Yes
3. James Buchanan - Yes
4. Grover Cleveland - Yes
5. David Lloyd George - No
6. Warren Harding - Yes
7. Edward Henry Harriman - No
8. Stephen Harper - No
9. Benjamin Harrison - Yes
10. Andrew Johnson - Yes
11. John Montgomery - No
12. John Tyler - Yes

Anonymous said...

1. Samual Adams - was not. But I believe it was spelled "Samuel."
2. Chester Arthur - hmm. was? Is that the same person as Chester B Arthur? (Am I making that middle initial up?)
3. James Buchanan - was not
4. Grover Cleveland - was
5. David Lloyd George - was not
6. Warren Harding - was
7. Edward Henry Harriman - was not?
8. Stephen Harper - was not
9. Benjamin Harrison - was? I know there was a Harrison in there somewhere. What is first name was... is another story.
10. Andrew Johnson - was. wait. No that was Andrew Jackson. Andrew Johnson was someone I went to high school with. I'm going to go with "Was not."
11. John Montgomery - wasn't?
12. John Tyler - was

Wow. So what do you consider to be a passing score?

Anonymous said...

doh. I just googled to see how I did. meh.

Rex Parker said...

Jenny! is correct, I think.

And it's Chester A. Arthur.

Anonymous said...

1. Samual Adams - No, but brewers ought to be favored when running for president.
2. Chester Arthur -- Yes. Ah, the gilded age.
3. James Buchanan -- Yes. Someone had to precede Lincoln.
4. Grover Cleveland -- Yes. Later he joined the cast of Sesame Street.
5. David Lloyd George -- The father of the British welfare state and rock star "Boy" was not president.
6. Warren Harding -- Yes. His White House trysts with young maidens were reportedly much steamier than than even those of Bill Clinton.
7. Edward Henry Harriman. No, but what a fine presidential name!
8. Stephen Harper -- No. [Joke too lousy. -ed.]
9. Benjamin Harrison -- Yes, and he should have worn a warm hat for inauguration.
10. Andrew Johnson -- Yes, he was an [im]peach of a president.
11. John Montgomery -- No. Word is he still groans when he hears the Monkeys song "The Last Train to Clarksville."
12. John Tyler -- Yes. He wore a very unfortunate Whig in his presidential portrait.

blythe said...

this isn't a game i can win.

do i win?

chuckdaddy2000 said...

1. Samual Adams - N
2. Chester Arthur - N
3. James Buchanan - Y
4. Grover Cleveland - N
5. David Lloyd George - N
6. Warren Harding - N
7. Edward Henry Harriman - N
8. Stephen Harper - N
9. Benjamin Harrison - N
10. Andrew Johnson - N
11. John Montgomery - N
12. John Tyler - N

Wait... Was the question US presidents or gay US presidents?

Michael5000 said...

Sam Adams and John Montgomery were delegates to the Continental Congress, but apparently weren't presidential timber. Edward Henry Harriman was an industrialist, David Lloyd George was a British Prime Minister, and Stephen Harper is the current Prime Minister of Canada. Everybody else IS a dead U.S. President.

Although everyone is of course a winner for playing, we have four real winners in the sense of "people who got all the answers right."

The first prize, and inaugeral L&TM5K Thursday puzzle gold star, goes to Rebel, who overcame the challenging West Coast timezone penalty to get the correct slate of answers in first.

Silver star goes to Jenny!

Blue star, as bronze looks way too much like gold, goes to Rex Parker, who knows a winner when he sees one.

Mark Witteman gets the thrill of knowing he was right.

Props to Karin, for being the first to show up; mydog, for catching an extremely rare M5K spelling error; blythe, for being correct -- someone else had already won, so it was, indeed, a game she couldn't win; and ChuckDaddy, for being down with the hot presidential dirt.

See ya next week!