Saturday, August 25, 2007

In which michael5000 responds to a tag

[But don't forget, we're still looking for suggestions for the reading list of non-fiction books!]

In a sure sign that L&TM5K is maturing into an established blog, despite its frequent and wildly unpopular college football content, I have received my first "tag." It came from regular commenter fingerstothebone, and it assigned me to list "the top 10 reasons why you like yourself."

It turns out that this is kind of hard to do. It's a lot easier -- I hope this isn't just me -- to come up with reasons you don't like yourself. And, there's a powerful urge to qualify the hell out of anything positive you do say about yourself.

Fortunately, I had the endless ennui of the company picnic to work with yesterday, which gave me plenty of time to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and prepare the following upbeat list of great things about me, michael5000. (Those of you who know me personally, feel free to comment about how many are actually accurate. But try not to, like, shatter me.)

1. I laugh a lot. Life's short.

2. I am immune to road rage. There's construction? Well, they have to fix the road sometime. You did something stupid? Hell, I screw up often enough too. You're a jerk? Well, that's going to cause you more trouble than it does me, in the long run. Why get worked up?

3. I can, and do, run fairly long distances. Slow and steady turns out not to win the race after all, but since winning the race turns out to be not such a big deal, it's all good.

4. I didn't want to have children, so I didn't. If resisting societal pressure was an Olympic event...

5. I'm creative. I like making things, and I usually like the things I make.

6. I pretty much live according to my principles, but I don't make a fuss about it. Nope.

7. I'm pretty friendly. Not in-your-face, howdy-stranger friendly. I'm actually really shy. But I am basically kind, positive, supportive, and interested in what you have to say.

8. Though I am an aging dog, yet behold! An occasional new trick! I try to mix things up.

9. Despite a lack of musical training, knowledge, or especially talent, I can still put together quirky little songs that are more or less listenable. I think. Maybe. Try this one. Or this one.

10. ChuckDaddy2000 once said that "michael5000 is the only person I know who, the more he drinks, the better he gets." He might have meant that I'm kind of dull when I'm sober, or he might think I have a drinking problem. I choose to believe he meant that I know how to relax and have a good time.

Fingerstothebone's own responses, incidentally -- including her claim to have great legs, which I therefore wasn't able to use myself for fear of being thought derivative -- are spread out over three posts, starting here.

Oh! I almost forgot! I am entitled to tag others now! Hmmm.... I choose:

  • ChuckDaddy
  • MyDogIsChelsea
  • KickKarinintheButt. Um, I mean, KickintheButtKarin.


fingerstothebone said...

Ha, glad I beat you to the great legs claim! (Why, many thought I had the best legs on campus which, btw, doesn't seem like so long ago to me, so I do wish you'd stop saying that YOU're old.)

Anonymous said...

uggggggggghhhhhhhhhh thanks a bunch!

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: Eh, I'm not very old. I'd just rather sneak up on middle age than have it sneak up on me.

@MyDog: Well you don't HAVE to....

Karin said...

I find it much easier to come up with 10 Things I Like About YOU than 10 Things I Like About ME at this point in my life, but, however painful, it should be a useful exercise.

So, what's next. I just go to my blog and have at it?

Michael5000 said...

@Karin: I think you're being sweet, but maybe you would just take my list and put it in the second person.

Anyway, yeah, you just have at. If you want to!

Karin said...

btw, I'm most impressed with #4-#8 on your list and the fact that #8 automatically includes several others on your list. I admire you for mixing things up.

Rebel said...

The reason you're immune to Road-Rage is that you learned to drive in Oregon (which was actually ranked 'most law abiding drivers' by some random survey).

Believe me, if you learned to drive in California, then moved up here & had to drive east on 84 when the drivers in each lane are lined up side by side - all going *exactly the same speed* & preventing anyone from passing even though you really need to get to Fabric Depot before they close - I assure you, you would have road rage!

Rebel said...

For your edification. =)