Monday, April 7, 2008

Joshua Judges Ruth

I don't usually cross-market my blogs -- I'm all too aware that many L&TM5K readers are not going to get all fired up about the "QuiltStorm" project, for instance -- but today I'm making an exception.

You might know that I have been gradually reading the Christian Bible and shooting my mouth off about the experience in the "Michael Reads the Bible" blog. Between the free-thinking approach to difficult religious subject matter and my own, um, quick wit and sparkling prose stylings, it is not surprising that it is regularly mentioned in lists of the internet's least-visited weblogs. But enough about my problems.

Having finished up with Numbers last year, one of my New Blog Year Resolutions was to get through Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, and Ruth by the end of this summer. Yet, thanks in part to my hard work and determination, but thanks more to the fact that the books keep getting shorter and easier to read -- the Book of Ruth is only three pages long, for crying out loud -- I managed to reach my goal last week, a good five months ahead of schedule!

Now, you may be thinking, "Michael5000, you've been working on the Bible since summer 2006! You've only read eight Books? That's pathetic!" Well, I'll have you know that although finishing Ruth only puts me 12.1% of the way through the Bible by books, it puts me 19.8% of the way through the Bible by chapters, and a whopping 23.2% of the way through the Bible by verses! So there. Nothing pathetic about it, unless you you count the dorkish enthusiasm for pointless statistics.

I'll just roll on ahead into I Samuel, I think it is, next weekend, but in the meantime I thought I'd commemorate the event by inviting you, the readership of my flagship blog, to join in the good times. Check it out! Michael Reads the Bible has something for everyone!
  • If you are a devout Christian, you will likely be offended by its often irreverant tone!

  • If you are a devout non-Christian, you will likely be annoyed by its implicit Christianity!

  • If you are a non-religious person, you will likely be put off by all the references to God!

  • If you are Mrs.5000, you will likely be appalled by my laisez-faire attitude towards spelling!

But again, enough about my problems.

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Where do I sign up for your time management class?