Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Monday Quiz XXIV

The 1950s in the United States of America

1. You could hang out with them here....

...or read about them here....

They were the ______________.

2. What's this thing?

3. These men are kicking off one of the largest engineering projects of all time. What's the project?

4. Who is this guy? And what's a title of one of his works?

5. These two pictures show one of the most influential places ever built in the United States. Where were they taken?

Submit your answers in the comments, Daddy-O!


Anonymous said...

1 / Beatniks
2 / Sputnick
3 / The St. Louis arch
4 / Buddy Holly -- Maybe, Baby
5 / over Levittown and in Levittown

Karin said...

1. Beatniks
2. Orville Reddenbacker's Magic Popcorn Popper, prototype
3. The St. Louis Arch
4. Buddy Holly: Peggy Sue-ooh-ooh
5. Levittown

fingerstothebone said...

1. Uhh...
2. A cup for the woman in Question #1.
3. Uhh...
4. Buddy Holly! Uhh...
5. Levittown, Levitown, or somthing like that.

Just read Karmasartre's answers, and I can't believe I didn't get #3!

McGuff said...

1. The Beat Generation / Beatniks
2. Sputnik (or, in your best Russian accent: Spoot-e-nik)
3. The Interstate Highway System
4. Charles Hardin Holley aka Buddy Holly of Lubbock Tx. Personal all time favorite - True Love Ways
5. Levittown, Long Island

mysterymoor said...

I only knew #1 and #4. I feel rather foreign haha.

Christine M. said...

1. the beatniks
2. Sputnik
3. i'd say the Gateway Arch, except the picture doesn't look anything like where the Gateway Arch actually is, so I'm going with the Interstate Highway System
4. Buddy Holly, Everyday
5. Levittown

Cartophiliac said...

1. Beatniks
2. Sputnik
3. St. Louis Arch
4. Buddy Holly, That'll Be the Day
5. Love Canal

d said...

st louis arch?
buddy holly? man, i can't remember any of his songs. peggy sue - is that one of his?
that place on long island? i can't remember the name.

Anonymous said...

1. Beats
2. Sputnik.
3. Wow. I'm having to think hard about this one. Its a dam, its a road, no, I'm going to say its the arches bridge across the Mississippi at St Louis, which probably has some special name I don't know.
4. Jeez, why do you do this to me, you know I don't know anything about music or art.
5. Levittown

DrSchnell said...

1. beatniks
2. Sputnik
3. The Interstate Highway systemnik, then known as the National Defense Highway System or some such claptrap.
4. Buddy Hollynik. "Peggy Sue"
5. Levittownnik, NY. There's also a Levittown in PA, and I think in Jersey. But I think NY was the first.
By the way, just so there's no confusion, my "official" answers for 3-5 should not have the -nik suffix. Don't wanna be penalized for a lame attempt at a joke.

Anonymous said...

1 beats
2 Sputnik
3 the US Interstate highway system
4 well, he looks a little like a demented version of our friend Austin, but I think it's Buddy Holly. You want a title. . . christ almighty. . . "Rock n' Roll Angel."
5 that would be, um, Leavittown?

Anonymous said...

1. Beatniks
2. Sputnick
3. Interstate Freeway System
4. Buddy Holly, Peggy Sue
5. Levitown, NY.

Anonymous said...

1. Beats/Beatniks black turtleneck fashion trendsetters.
2. Sputnik
3. Hmm. Missouri, St. Louis, gotta be The Gateway to the West The Arch?
4. Elvis Costello, Veronica I am joking it's Buddy Holly, Peggy Sue. Costello may have been that adorable once though.
5. No idea. Stepford?

mhwitt said...

1. The Beats
2. Anal probe found in the desert outside Roslyn, New Mexico
3. U.S. Interstate Highway system
4. Buddy Holly, "True Love Ways"
5. I think the name is Levitown.

CPM said...

1. no idea
2. Sputnik
3. ??? clearly not the TVA thing.
4. Buddy Holly ( no idea )
5. The tract home thing. . . Levitttown?

Anonymous said...

1. they was the beatniks, cool cat
2. that was sputnik
3. I believe they were starting the interstate highway system
4. That was young Buddy Holly--My dad and my uncle were at his last show in Clear Lake Iowa. Dad said that Richie Valens was the big hit of the night. My uncle says he didn't pay attention to the music. He was looking for girls.
Buddy Holly wrote Peggy Sue, Oh Boy, and a mess of other songs.
5. Is that Los Alamos?

Michael5000 said...

1. I am disappointed that no one answered "guests of the Annual Castle5000 Summer Solstace Party." Another good answer was "Beatniks."

2. Sputnik.

3. The Interstate Highway System. Since several of you guessed the Gateway Arch, I was reading about it today; it was actually built in the 1960s. That surprised me. I would have guessed 1880s or something.

4. That would be Buddy Holly.

5. That place on Long Island, Levittown.

Michael5000 said...

Soooo, bringing home the TQXXIV Exclamation Points are the following beatniks: Phineas, La Gringissima, DrSchnell, mrs.5000, and Critical Bill.

That does this and that in the overall standards, but I'm a little sleepy tonight so you can just go look at the leaderboard if you care to.

Well quizzed, everyone!

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: A cup for the woman in Question #1 = Bwa ha ha ha!!

@DrSchnell: By the way, just so there's no confusion, my "official" answers for 3-5 should not have the -nik suffix. Don't wanna be penalized for a lame attempt at a joke. = You wound me, sir.

@mrs.5000: that would be, um, Leavittown? = Is that a joke, or just a typo?

@boo: Stepford? = {snort}

@mhwitt: There's nothing funny about anal probes. Also, I knew that you would cite "True Love Ways" weeks before you knew you would. Ya big mush.

Anonymous said...

You mock my spelling! I tried Levitown, Levittown, Leavittown--they all seemed equally odd looking. I did think I'd stumbled onto something with Leavittobeavertown--you know, that subdivision outside Corvallis.

Dug said...

#5 - You may look at that and think ugly-fugly but to me that's HOME SWEET HOME! Yes I grew up (partially) in Levittown (the one in PA). My Levittown was nicer than this one but a similar concept. We also had a couple of riots so that was cool though I missed both of them. And yes there was one in New Jersey but they renamed it Willingboro for some reason. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

MulchMaid said...

Dang, I knew four of the answers, but it's already Tuesday...

The Calico Cat said...

Day late & a dollar short... (I knew 4...)

mhwitt said...

But you didn't know I'd provide an answer that includes the words "anal probe."