Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Monday Quiz Puts Its Feet Up

The Monday Quiz is taking the week off.

It will be back to start its Fourth Season next week, Monday the 16th.

In the Meantime,

for your early-week pleasure and diversion, it might be fun to come up with cartoon captions for this image:

(In The Decathlon, I suggested that cartoon captions could be a) a standard explanatory caption, of the kind you might see under a newspaper photograph; b) a dialog caption, as in a classic New Yorker-style cartoon; c) speech or thought balloons to indicate dialog, as in most comic books; d) labels that turn the image into some kind of allegory, as in a political cartoon. But whatever. Knock yourself out.)

Third Season Wrap-Up

There were two contestants who brought home a whopping four (4) Exclamation Points from the ten Monday Quizzes of the Third Season: La Gringissima and Chance.

Four E.P.s in a season is pretty damn impressive. It's hard to imagine any shadow following across that accomplishment.... except that four other contestants managed to bag five (5) of the coveted pieces of virtual punctuation. Those would be DrSchnell (who took a record-setting five E.P.s in a row), Mrs.5000, Karmasartre, and Cartophiliac.

Congratulations to all of you, and to everyone who competed. The Monday Quiz is a game you win by being interested, know what I'm sayin?

To all the lurkers: I know you're out there; you show up on Analytics. If you feel daunted about jumping into the Quiz because you feel like you're already behind, the good news is that everybody starts a new season next week. (The bad news, of course, is that the above brainiacs won't have graduated and gone on to the pros by next week. But you can take 'em.)

Cartoon image taken from BibliOdyssey.


Anonymous said...

For some reason the drawing reminds me of a Nearly Headless Nick Bobblehead Doll.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there I was so worried that I'd miss the MQ while I'm in SFX. Saw a piece at the SFMoMA that you and Mrs. 5K would really love (paper art, color stripes), but they didn't have a postcard.


Anonymous said...

Well at least the lurkers learn some things. I hope they do participate as well. The comments can be very fun to read here!

Okay caption.

"Stop pointing at it, Bones!"

I can do better. I'm claiming sunburned noggin for the lameness.

Anonymous said...

I knew the quizzes were going on vacation this week, but the GottaTaketheQuiz synapses in my brain still keep firing anyway. Here's a caption:

Simplify your Life at Dr. Zombie's Charm School!

PS to those who don't religiously follow the State of Craft quilt blog: I don't want to brag, but my husband got a RIBBON. . .

Rex Parker said...

"And it's another perfect handoff for the Stiff-Walking Monster team in the final heat of the 400M Relay! They are really leaving the Gelatinous Masses and the Squirrel-Crustacean Hybrid teams in the dust!"

Anonymous said...

OK, I've returned from lurking to try my hand again. Only I can't think of a catchy caption that makes having a small penis sound funny.

KelleyI said...

"Next season on America's Top Model ..."

Heatherbee said...

"Early robots".

Thanks, Mrs.5K for clearing up the mystery of M5K's Gmail status line. I will go check out the quilt. :D

Does the Thursday quiz start a new season, too, or just the Monday one?
I never knew I could get in on the
ground floor again...thought I was
permanently behind...would like to know.

Yankee in England said...
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Yankee in England said...

this is your body. This is your body with out skin. Any questions?

Fool for paper said...

Hey, how can you lose a contact when you don't even have eyes?

Michael5000 said...

Well done, all, with an awfully difficult "cartoon" to caption. Me, I've got nothing.

Except a ribbon. I do have a ribbon. You can see it, if you like, at:

@Heatherbee: My blather when reporting the winners week-to-week will continue to focus on the cumulative totals. But, at the end of every set of ten, I pause to celebrate the season leaders as well. So, you could try to be (for instance) the Queen of the Thursday Quiz Fifth Season....