Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Monday Quiz XXXI

Board Games

What are the names of these board games?






Submit your answers in the comments.


karmasartre said...

1 / Scrabble
2 / Parcheesi
3 / Mah Jong
4 / Go
5 / No Limit Texas-hold-em (classic version)

Karin said...

1. Scrabble
2. Sorry
3. Battlefield (I have no idea.)
4. Othello
5. Oh, I've played this one once--just to be nice. Not my cup of tea, way too slow for me, but a good game for strategists. All well and good, but what's its name? Oh! Settlers of Catan.

Cartophiliac said...

1. Scrabble.
2. Sorry.
3. Stratego
4. Go
5. Settlers of Catan

La Gringissima said...

Yeah. What he said.

Chance said...

1. Clabbers
2. Sorry
3. Stratego
4. Go
5. Settlers of Catan. Hey, you got a wheat for two sheep? I really need a wheat.

d said...

chinese checkers
water world

Yankee in England said...





Settlers of Catan

I would just like to thank my parents for banning TV for five years of my life I have an unusal knowlege of card and board games. My Grandmother still makes me play marathon games of Skipo with two decks when I go to visit her.

The Calico Cat said...

Scrabble (I left my husband marooned - while playing this game - it is now one of my favorites),
Go (I have lost far too many time playing this game.),
Settlers of Catan (I have lost far too many times playing this game.)

Heatherbee said...

1. Scrabble
2. Parcheesi? I think this is wrong but Parcheesi also has the star-shape and those colors. (Oh! It IS wrong--I just peeked at other people's answers. Oh, well.)
3. Stratego
4. Go
5. Um... Um... My brother would so know this one... Er, ...risk?

Rex Parker said...

Settlers of Catan!?!?! WTF? What era is that from? All the others are SO familiar, but that one ... I was going to call it "Hexagonal Farming War"


jennyj said...

1. scrabble
2. can't remember
3. not sure
4. go
5. settlers of catan

mrs.5000 said...

1 Scrabble
2 Parcheesi
3 Stratego (god, I loathed that game, and the way my little brother repeatedly kicked my ass)
4 Go
5 Hex Appeal

Nichim said...

1. Scrabble
2. Parcheesi
3. Battlefield?
4. Go
5. Settlers of Catan
I can testify that these are all awesome games except 3, which I can't say I've played and am only guessing as to what it's called. Also sorry about my spelling.

Nichim said...

Oh, Stratego. There's the reason I never tried it. If I get my ass whipped at a strategy game, it has to be Go, I don't even mess around with anything else. But Go is incredible, even if I will never win even a little. We played it with white and black rocks on the cardboard from a case of beer in Florida.

Rebel said...

1 scrabble
2 Sorry ?
3 Stratego
4 Ok - this looks like Pente, but the board doesn't look right, I think Go is the same game but older. So either Go or Pente.
5 OH - I think I've played this game. Traders of..... Catan?

Rebel said...

Dang... Settlers of Catan - at least you know I don't cheat.

Sara said...

1. Scrabble
2. Sorry
3. some weird Chinese battle game?
4. Go
5. I am going to have to cheat and borrow "Settlers of Catan" since I have neither seen nor played this game before.

NJR said...

Rex: Settlers of Catan is a modern game. Stop living in the past, hippie.

DrSchnell said...

1. Scrabble
2. Sorry
3. Stratego
4. Go
5. Settlers of Catan

oily gus said...

1. Scrabble
2. Sorry
3. Stratego
4. Go
5. Settlers of Catan

Jane F-H said...

Scrabble, dunno, Stratego, Go?, dunno

Cartophiliac said...

BTW, to be precise, it looks like the Settlers of Catan in your photo is the French edition.

"I have wood for sheep"

haw haw haw

La Gringissima said...

Show-off ;-)

boo said...

1. Scrabble
2. Sorry
3. no idea
4. go
5. argh! I can't place it. It does look a bit like that one game you tipped about a while ago though. The board version. I became addicted to that for a week!

The.HR.Doctor said...

1 Scrabble
2. Sorry
3. Battleship (?)
4. Othello
5. (No Idea)

KelleyI said...

1. Scrabble (can I get bonus points for playing QaTS off of nest?)
2. Parcheezi
3. ??
4. Go?
5. ??

And I have to know ... do you own all these games Michael???


Michael5000 said...

Alrighty, then!

Here are the official answers, as certified by the good people at Ernst & Ernst & Ernst & Ernst!

1) This is of course a Scrabble board. It is also used to play the varient of "Clabbers," which looks to be about the most annoying word game imaginable. But this is just one man's opinion.

2) This is a Sorry board. It is close to a parchisi board... but not close enough. Had to be "Sorry" on this one.

3) This is a Stratego board.

4) This is a Go board; Pente, a variant of Go, is played on the same board.

5) This is a Settlers of Catan board. Due to the nature of the game and to the existence of a "Traders" expansion set, I am also accepting "Traders of Catan."

Michael5000 said...

Which gives us the following winners:

Chance moves into double digits, taking his 10th E.P.; drschnell is right behind him with his ninth.

Cartophiliac and la gringissima take their 7th and 6th, respectively.

Rebel snags her fourth.

And two recent newcomers bring home their first L&TM5K laurels today: Yankee in England and Oily Gus. Yankee and Gus are the Alaska and Hawaii of the Quizzes, you might say -- the 49th and 50th persons, respectively, to take a Star and/or an Exclamation Point. Sweet!

Rebel said...

Whoooooo Hooooooo!

I love winning by technicalities. ;)

Michael5000 said...

@karma -- "No Limit Texas-hold-em." Yeah! That cracked me the hell up.

@Chance -- "Clabbers" indeed....

@Yankee -- That's a very gracious Thank You speech. You have to be pretty brutally confident to start giving the shout-out to your family while the game is still going on.

@Rex: It is from a long-ago time called "the Mid 90s." It's probably the best known of a newer generation of "German-style" board games that emphasize strategy without going to the maniacal lengths of earlier strategy games. I've never played it myself, but it's supposed to be pretty cool. My understanding is, it's kind of a Hexagonal Farming War.

@NJR: Stop living in the past, and start playing a game that simulates 18th Century commodities trading?

@Carto: It sounds like Settlers of Catan humor is pretty damn baaaaaad.

And, my original photo of the Settlers board is large enough so I can zoom in on the game card, which turns out to be written in German.

@KellyI: Fair question!

1. I own and love Scrabble, and am playing half the known world on Facebook.

2. Sorry is a sweet game. I bought two incomplete 1950s era boards on the cheap off Ebay, and mixed and matched the best components from them, so I have an unusually cool Sorry board.

3. I do not have Stratego. Little Big Tom confiscated my set. (10 points to identify this cultural reference.)

4. We have a Go set, but it makes us feel Stoopid.

5. I don't have, and have never played, Settlers of Catan.

@H.R.Doc, Jane F-H, NJR: Welcome to the show! Good to have you aboard.

Happy New Week, everybody!

Yankee in England said...

My parent's house still has three of huge wire shelving units in the basement full of board and card games. They would be so pleased to know that their five year TV ban has led me to become the Alaska of the Monday Quiz. I guess now I will have to grant my little sister a game of Sorry when I go home to visit.

Phineas said...

Where's my comment? I swear I posted it!

I only had 4 right, so claimed "no hexclamation point for me this week.".

No wonder I didn't get the replies.

oily gus said...

Hawaii! cool! Now where did I leave that pua'a, or sheep or wood...ore, umm, nevermind.