Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Monday Quiz XXXII

Culturally-Specific Artistic Traditions

1. With what religious tradition would you associate these two images?

2. How about THESE two?

3. These images are typical of the art of what ancient empire?

4. And what ancient empire are THESE images typical of?

5. And, what cultural tradition is the basis of THESE two images?

Submit your answers in the comments.


margaret said...

my first entry!

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. Mayan
5. Aleut

Elizabeth said...

With fervent prayers to all the deities ...

1. Hinduism. Ganesh!
2. Islam.
3. Byzantine.
4. Damn. Always get these mixed up. Mayan?
5. Pac. Northwest Indian, like Tlingit or Haida or one of those.

karmasartre said...

Are the quizzes going to be harder this quiz-year?

1 / Hindu
2 / Islam
3 / Ottoman
4 / Aztec
5 / Native American -- Pacific North division

Yankee in England said...



Bysantine(sorry if the spelling is wrong)

Aztec/Myan South American. If I have to choose one Aztec

North American Native Indians

fingerstothebone said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. Mayan
5. Northwest coastal Indians, but I don't know which tribe...

Karin said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. Aztec
5. Pacific NW Indians (Native Americans) (the names of which are all completely ethnocentric, I wish I knew the specifics)

oily gus said...

Hindu, Islam, Byzantine, Aztec, Pacific Northwest Coast Native American/First Nations

Cartophiliac said...

1. Hinduism - "Please do not feed peanuts to my god." - Apu, The Simpsons
2. Islam
3. Eastern Roman (Byzantine)
4. Mayan
5. Native North Americans of the Northwest

La Gringissima said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. Aztec
5. Native tribes of the Northwest

in medias res said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. Aztec (I have one of those calendars!)
5. No idea. Looks cheerful, though.

gS49 said...

1 -- Hinduism

2 -- Islam

3 -- Byzantine Empire

4 -- Aztec

5 -- Pacific Northwest American Indian(/Native American)

Rebel said...

1 Hindu
2 Islam
3 the Byzantine?
4 I always get the Maya and the Aztec confused. I'm going with Mayan
5 A Native American tribe from the Pacific Northwest... or possibly a west-coast Canadian First Tribe. Tlingit is the only one that comes to mind (despite how often I visit the Native American wing of the Museum)

Nichim said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. that of Byzantium
4. that of the Maya
5. Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest coast

mrs.5000 said...

1 Hinduism
2 Islam
3 everyone's fave element, Byzantium
4 to my great annoyance, I'm torn between Mayan and Aztec. Is that THE muy famoso Mexican calendar stone, or only A calendar stone, or just an overambitious wheel? The grinning skull at the center makes me go with Aztec.
5 well, here we've got Native American art of our own beloved Northwest coast (only a bit more northerly). Haida, I'm guessing, though I don't really know my Haida from my Tlingit from my Kwakiutl.

Rex Parker said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. Aztec
5. er ... "cultural tradition?" I'm gonna say "something Inuit"

Rex Parker said...

Semi-, inadvertent cheating - I just this morning wrote the chapter of my crossword book that dealt with how you (that is, I) tell MAYA, AZTEC, and INCA apart... you don't see OLMEC in the puzzle much, or I might have included them, too.


Rex Parker said...

PPS so if the answer turns out to be MAYA, then clearly I have to rethink my authority on the matter ...


KelleyI said...

1. Hinduism - Did you know there was a little girl in India born with a parasitic twin so she had 8 limbs and people thought she was a god reincarnated?


3. What is the Byzantine Empire, Alex?

4. I gotta go with Aztec on this one.

5.It's got to be an Alaskan Native culture ... too generic? Eskimo?

Anonymous said...

1. Isn't. I mean Hindu
2. Islam
3. Byzantium
4. Aztec
5. Tinklit

Elvis said...

1. Hindu
2. Islam
3. Greece/ Greek Orthodox
4. Aztec or Mayan
5. NW Alaska native/Tlingit

DrSchnell said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantium. For real this time.
4. Aztec
5. Tlingit

boo said...

1. Hinduism
2. Islam
3. Byzantine
4. One of two, Aztec or Mayan, but no clue which.
5. I just saw a tattoo like this. Tribal. Hmm. No idea but the last one looks to have scales so I wonder if where ever it is from is close to the water.

Circles are big in all of them but the Islam ones. I never looked into that. I wonder if that symbol gets lesser play in that religion.

Michael5000 said...

Heavens. This one turned out to be a bit complicated.

1 and 2 were Hinduism and Islam, sure sure, whatever.

3 was the Byzantine Empire.

4 was where things started to break down. For that calendar image, which I obtained off of the internets as an Aztec item -- that very image -- turns out to be very widely posted as a Mayan item as well.

After some supplementary research, I am confident that both items are in fact Aztec, but I'm also realizing that the difference between the two artistic traditions might be a bit on the slim side to modern eyes. So I'm going to allow either one.

5. Same damn thing. Those are Haida pieces, but on looking into the Tlinget tradition, I'll be damned if ~I~ can tell the difference. So, any reference to the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest or Canadian West Coast did the trick.

Michael5000 said...

...which leads us to a whopping 12 Exclamation Points going out today.

Gathering their second straight MQEP are DrSchnell, Cartophiliac, La Gringissima, and Oily Gus.

Other winners include L&TM5K Vice-Dork fingerstothebone, Karin, Rebel, Mrs.5000 (Hail, Victor!), Nichim, and Critical Bill.

Two first-time MQ winners today: Elizabeth and gs49. Welcome to the Pantheon.

Special notice to Elvis, who probably feels pretty screwed by how I got all flexible on #4 and #5 but was my usual ruthless self on #3. Nothing personal, man.

Michael5000 said...

@margaret: Yay!

@karmasartre: Do they seem harder?

@Carto: "Eastern Roman" indeed...

@KelleyI: I know I don't really want a parasitic twin, but the idea has some appeal...

Phineas said...

Last week - phantom entry.
This week - working for a living.

I gotta get a new job if I can't even get an MQ entry in before a PDT deadline.

Rebel said...

Wooo hoo! Again - I love winning on a technicality! (or two)

Ben said...

M5K-I love your quizzes, but I never seem to get to them before you post the answers. Can you give us busy (and possibly vacationing) folks a couple of days?

gus said...

Howdy M5k. I have to to point out that neither of the Northwest Coast pieces stick close enough to ethnographic form to be accurately attributed to tribe. They may have been made by Haida members but they both look thoroughly modern to me (in particular the poorly constructed "eyes" and soft curve "u" forms). For further reading I suggest Bill Holm's "Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form". Probably too much info....

Bridget B. said...

Wow - cool quiz! I might have been able to do this one, too! Just can't seem to arrive on the day . . .

Michael5000 said...

@Ben & Phineas & Bridget: While I do not endorse the idea of terminating one's employment in order to refocus one's life on the quiz, it's not my place to discourage anyone who decides to make that choice, either. It's something every quiz-taker needs to decide for him- or herself

Still, I think that a judicious use of a software time-management product (such as MicroSoft Outlook) or one of them fancy portable organizer jobbies might address your problems by alerting you when a quiz is "live." Just a suggestion.

Ben, I'm reluctant to leave the quizzes open to competitive play for longer than a day. Once someone has their dog in the fight, my reasoning is, they don't want to wait several days to find out how they did. And of course, the quizzes still exist once they've been scored, so you are welcome to take them and, if you like, write rambling, abusive posts about how much better you would have done than the losers who actually won. I enjoy that sort of thing.

@gus: They are indeed modern pieces by Haida artists, if memory serves. Well spotted. With respect to Holm, I think I will leave him off of my reading list for now, however.

gus said...

upon review of your reading list I see your point...I may have to borrow portions of it for myself.