Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking for a Sign, Final Edition

Thanks to the many of you who, here and elsewhere, took part in the DAD (Democracy-Assisted Design) Process for my arbitrary symbol. Here's the backstory:

The original post, October last year

Part II, September 1 this year

Part III, September 2

Part IV, September 3 (on SotC)

In particular, thanks to g for making the key suggestion of looking at Maori designs, and to Fingerstothebone and Mrs.5000, whom I have pestered in person about this odd project.

K. That's WAY more introduction than was needed. Here it is: The Arbitrary Symbol!

And you know, it occured to me at some point that although this is (I hereby declare) "right side up," all I have to do is make the final product hangable from any side (easy) and I've got four symbols for the price of one. Sweet!

Just to be clear: I am no longer looking for modifications and suggestions. I am looking for praise. "Bitchin' symbol!" will suffice nicely.


Wednesday Weigh-In

Target Weight: 211

...and after a week of better exercise and what felt like increasing dietary restraint:

Actual weight: +2, 216.

But that's not what is so damn FRUSTRATING!!!

What is so damn frustrating is that I've twisted my ankle again, for this second time this year. It is the latest of an unbroken string of incidents and accidents dating all the way back to November that have kept me unable to run, which is my main form of exercise. I was just getting to the point where I could run long enough to get some good out of it again, and now it will be at least three weeks before I can even start testing the ankle again, if past experience is any guide.

Least interesting blog photos ever: left ankle is an ankle, right ankle is a big wad of puffiness.

Internal bruising.

So what I'm saying here is, poor me.

Diet Cola Consumption: Consistenly at or under plan.


Anonymous said...

BS. I mean bitchin' symbol. Do you have opposable big toes?

Try the chew-every-bite-40-times thing whydoncha?

Karin said...

Dude, bitchin' symbol.

Rebel said...

Poor M5K.

I went in for a foot massage and came home with bruises all over my ankles. Thai women are buff!

Good luck with the weight loss thing, it's hard & it can be frustrating. My bum knee kept me from working out for a long time.

Yankee in England said...

So I wrote out a really long post and then deleted it because it just didn't sound nice no matter how I worked it. This is what I want to say. I am happy that you are excited about the symbol. I know that happy feeling when you are crafting something and it all comes together. You are probally on a high right now. Enjoy. Bummer about the ankle. Big huge Mother F*&^%ing bummer. Are you just reducing calories? Doing some crazy fad diet where you can only eat green things on Tuesdays and purple things of Wednesdays. The weight loss will come. Just a heads up Stawberry ice cream does not count as a serving of fruit.

Gayle said...

Brilliant symbol!!!
Enjoy using it!

Resting the ankle could be just the right time to play with the fabrics. Hope your ankle improves fast.

Cartophiliac said...

I like the symbol. I think you need to create a new font that includes that symbol, then change your name. We can call you, "the Blogger Formerly Known as Michael5000."

d said...

love the symbol.

bummed about the ankle.

Chance said...

Bitchin' ankle.

Sorry to hear about your symbol.

Anonymous said...

Gross pictures! Sorry about the ankle roll. Ankle injuries suck!!

And, bitchin' symbol.

G said...

Symbol = good. Glad the Maori suggestion proved fruitful!

Cola [of any kind] = bad. You realize they use that crap to clean AUTOMOBILE ENGINES, right? Also it tastes kind of like drainwater and cinnamon.

Ankle = ow. Myself, I've been suffering through my gimpy knee, which has resulted in a knot on my GLUTES, which means I am limping around with a heating pad on my ass. No joke. This sucks. So let us unite in pain and gimpyness. I'm going to try the arm bike one of these days.

Michael5000 said...

@Karma: Well, they're opposable to SOME things. And you keep forgetting the most important part: chew every bit 40 times -- then spit it out.

@Carto: Damn, and I was planning on USING that joke....

@Chance: Funny! Kind of!

@G: The Maori suggestion proved teh awesome!

They don't really use it to clean engines. That would be a myth. But I'm certainly not claiming it's good for ya.

And thank you for reminding me that, although things may look dark right now, at least I don't have a heating pad on my ass.

Actually, I'm feeling much better. Thanks one and all for the well-wishes. And Chance for the nominally good-natured abuse.

G said...

Also, since it's 1:20am and I've had two beers after icing my rear all evening--which is not even as much fun as it sounds, believe it or not--I would say that weighing yourself is not, maybe, the best way to keep yourself motivated. I have been known to "gain" 3 lbs in an hour, all due to...well, who knows what. The point is that scales are best for showing averages. It's like a speedometer, really.

Considering the variation in water weight that one carries during certain times of the month (yes, even you men, too) and also due to the different mass of fat/muscle, wouldn't it be better to measure certain key perimeters? Say, belly, thigh, hips, etc? You could use a tape measure or even pairs of strictly non-stretchy trousers (jeans are out).

Also, in reference to your comment on "what felt like increasing dietary restraint," please see this article. A trick that helps me sometimes is to try to think about meals in terms of the vegetables I'm eating instead of the meat--almost as though meat is a garnish.

Anyway, beer is taking its toll on the old brain function. Sorry for long-winded comment.

gl. said...

sending some brief sympathy about the ankle: i twisted mine not too long ago at a triathlon (where i was not a participant, oh, nonono!). at this point it's mostly healed except for coming down stairs and doing any fancy dancing. but i was always surprised at how much ones uses one's ankle. cherish it!

g: "A trick that helps me sometimes is to try to think about meals in terms of the vegetables I'm eating instead of the meat--almost as though meat is a garnish." we do something similar! we get a semiweekly box of veggies that were going bad far too often, so our mantra with meals now is "start with the vegetables" and see how many of them we can use. if meat-like objects get added, they become peripheral.

Anonymous said...

i love the progression of your arbitrary symbol! and the final product is definitely bitchin!