Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Interupt This Reality

Over the next several weeks, blogging activity here at the Life & Times will be somewhat reduced. We mildly regret any inconvenience this may cause. Far more, we regret any indifference with which this news will be received. The Quizzes will continually to appear regularly.

The slowdown will likely affect not just the quantity and quality of daily blogging but also progress on ongoing blog-related projects such as The Reading List and Michael Reads the Bible. It is due to a conjunction of factors, not least of which are the busy season for the Friends of the Library, various events in the 5000 family, and the general hustle and bustle of early fall.

But mostly, Spore.


It came yesterday! I spent only a couple of hours installing it and playing a test run, during which I evolved a creature which had numerous rudundant parts (I didn't realize they were redundant) and no armor or weapondry whatsoever. I was commended for the pacifistic nature of my gentle, fragle, playful green beast! I made friends with a race of sentient pears! After that, I became an increasingly intelligent form of lunch for more well-rounded species.

The question, is, will Spore be...

a CIV, entrancing to the point of self-destructive behavior, played in all night binges for months and regularly for years afterwards?

a Master of Orion, providing enjoyable, captivating, yet managable periods of play for more than a decade?

A Morrowind or 1602 or SimGolf, played obsessively for a month or so then dropped like a hot rock?

Or a Galactic Civilizations, much-praised but unable to hold my attention for more than fifteen minutes? Well, that would have been nice in a way, actually. But it's already too late for that.

Playing Spore? I'll be playing as -- what else? -- michael5000. Designate me as your playing "buddy" to see my good-natured first creature, Michaelus Fivethousandous, which I'm sure you will find very tasty. Or maybe not. I'm getting the hang of things now.


Yankee in England said...

I never understood the addiction to video games until I found google reader and it automatically found blogs that would be interesting to me. I know spend hours reading blogs. I am addicted.

margaret said...

Oh dear Michael. Will I ever see you again?

Anonymous said...


I have yet to get the Leopard, but when I do, I will be joining you there!

Morgan said...

Ha ha ha... my l33t Garnagorkak will teh pwn yur gr33n fr13ndly guy!!! lololololol.

Had to say it, sorry. Looks good! I took the unpeaceful route during the cellular and creature stages, and then I moved up to the one in the middle for my tribal stage. Now I'm in the civilization stage. I get to see a bunch of NPC Garnagorkaks running around. 1 w1ll teh pwn0rz teh c0mp|_|t3r n00bz lolololz!!!!

You'll have to tell me if peaceful is the way to go. I'm thinking about doing that on one of the other planets.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Would you be upset if I made a guy, found your guy, and kicked your guy in the virtual nads? All in good fun, of course.

Laura said...

I love your species' name.

RYC: Um, I love camping. I've always loved camping. Not sure why you think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

^ uh, that's me, but I forgot to use my regular MDIC handle.

Michael5000 said...

@Yank: Blogs have kind of edged out gaming in my life, but not entirely.

@Mags: Yeah you will... 'preciate the concern!

@Boo: Took me a while to parse "get the leopard," but I'm with you now.

@Morgan: It's good to see that today's young people are still being taught d0rk$p33k! ROTFLMAO!!!!

@Dr. Ken: Jolly fun! And I could make a virtual guy that "hacked" your "bank account" and pulled some serious "identity theft"!

@Laura: My mistake.

@MyDog: Well, yeah, I know who you ARE.... I just don't know whether you like camping, is all....