Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Monday Quiz XLV

Name That Country!






Submit your answers in the comments.


Morgan said...

I'm kind of annoyed that you didn't put any South American counntries here, because my Global Studies teacher made us memorize every one of them for a test... but anyway...

1. Kazhakstan (I hope spelling doesn't count.

2. Ukraine?

3. I don't know

4. Repeat of the above

5. Algeria?

Anonymous said...

1 / Mongolia
2 / Moldova
3 / Mmmmbop
4 / Macedonia
5 / Mauritania

Theme: Countries of the '70s.

Rex Parker said...

Moldova (I swear that I was going to guess that even before I just saw karma's answers)


The Calico Cat said...

Where did Madonna steal a child from? - oh yeah, Malawi.
Mauritania - which happens to be near Mali (Since you are on a "M" kick...
Oh & Western Sahara is occupied by Morocco...

Cartophiliac said...

1. Mongolia
2. Moldova
3. Malawi
4. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
5. Mali

MJ said...

how i love guessing!

1. Mongolia
2. Osetia
3. Swaziland
4. Macedonia
5. Mauritania

or something similar...

MJ said...

grrrr i hadn't noticed the M thing
next time must drink coffee before starting

Anonymous said...

1 Mongolia
2 Moldova
3 Malawi
4 Macedonia (or Montenegro?)
5 Mali

d said...

mongolia, moldova, malawi, macedonia, muggleland

Karin said...

1. Mongolia
2. Moldova
3. Malawi
4. Macedonia
5. Mauritania

I have students from Moldova and Macedonia right now. I used to live next to Mauritania. Woot!

Anonymous said...

Oh man oh man. I do so flub the little countries.

1 Mongolia!
2 Upper Poland. Or maybe, let's see, Kyrgistan.
3 Li'l Red Underthing
4 Uh, Macedonia?
5 Sierra Tigre

DrSchnell said...

1. Mongolia
2. Moldova
3. Malawi
4. Macedonia
5. Mauritania

Ben said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know one!

1. Mongolia
2. Little Italy
3. not a clue
4. nope
5. umm... nope, don't know that one either.

Chance said...

1, mongolia
2, moldova
3, malawi
4, macedonia
5, mauritania

fairly sure, unless I mistook montenegro for one of the european ones. or mali for mauritania. if not, once more your theme has saved me, for without it, i wouldn't even be able to guess accurately.

mhwitt said...

Mongolia, aka "Outer Mongolia". No doubt.
Moldova... about 85% sure here.
Malawi... 95% sure.
Macedonia... 98% sure.
Mauritania. 50% sure. I always get Mali and Mauritania backwards.

Michael5000 said...

Well, lessee...

1. Mongolia
2. Moldova
3. Malawi
4. Macedonia
5. Mauritania

Michael5000 said...

And among the many learned, witty, and smolderingly attractive contestents today, the ones going home with the MQXLV Exclaimation Point are Calico, Karin, DrSchnell, Chance, and mhwitt!

It's the 5th E.P. for mhwitt, the 6th for Karin, and the 7th for our erudite Cat. Chance and DrSchnell stay tied on the all-time leaderboard at 16 E.P.s apiece.

Michael5000 said...

@Morgan: Tell your Global Studies teacher that it's time to raise the bar! Tell him that you need more knowledge to run with the Quiz, so you'd appreciate a quicker pace. Suggest that the class add an evening session for "daily doubles." Organize the class to agitate for Saturday classes.

@Karma: No. Moldova was a province of the '70s.

@Chance: Theme? Oh, that! Total coincidence.

@mhwitt: Not always you don't.

Thanks to all and sundry for taking the Quiz! And here's a shout-out to you lurkers, too! You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nice lead in to the M movie review!

Unknown said...

@boo: It's always gratifying when people notice these things.