Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spiritual Friday

I. My Father Told Me a Joke

So this Buddhist goes up to a hot dog cart. He says to the vendor, "Make me one with everything."

II. I Told My Buddy Who's a Buddhist Abbot My Dad's Joke, and He Responded

The Buddhist hands the vendor a $10 bill, and the vendor just hands over the hot dog.

The Buddhist asks, "Where's my change?"

The vendor answers, "Change comes from within."

III. I Ran Into My Friend in a Parking Lot

michael5000 runs into a friend in a parking lot; she has her two year old boy with her. They talk.

Friend: We were really sorry to hear about Yoyo. I know how much she meant to you.

michael5000: Oh, thanks. We miss her.

Two year old boy: What happened to his cat?

Friend: Oh. Well, um, remember how we were talking about how people and animals die?

Two year old boy: [distracted]

Friend: So what happened was, his cat died, and so now she's up in kitty heaven.

Two year old boy: [giggles]


This post inspired in part by Chance's recent collections of Zen koans. Readers are advised that Chance's koans include adult content, such as the word "fuck."


The Calico Cat said...

Hey.... I was not ready to read a 4 letter word - even in tiny print.

Karin said...

but that's what made it funny.

Michael5000 said...

@Calico: Ah, but occasional salty language is a long-standing feature of life here at the Life & Times. It has valid literary purpose! It pulls double duty, at once introducing the humorous element of bathos and developing the brash, swaggering aspect of the michael5000 persona.

Besides, it amuses karin, which is important to me.

Anonymous said...

Since it is so difficult to decide who has the greatest sense of humor here I will simply enjoy them all.

Ooh, thanks for the linky.

Almost salty language works when going over grammar rules. Just almost saying something, the first letter, about once every twenty minutes works well with sophomores to keep them alert. Not on topic but you made me think of it.

Rebel said...

boo... I'm having a huge problem with that. The guys on the course have a penchant for the words mo-fo and the c-word (unedited of course). When the overhead projector stopped working the other day I almost let a mo-fo slip out. Not the kind of Teacher Talk Time they approve of on the CELTA.

Karin said...

rebel: sure, but would your beginner students even recognize it? I say, let a mo-fo rip every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I think the occasional mo-fo is ok. Before he was neutered, I called my mutt that all the time. You folks do mean MOngrel FOrnicator, right?