Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Monday Quiz LIV

But first! Check out the new masthead! And favicon! They are the work of the fabulous MyDogIsChelsea, my spiritual blogmother, and the only person to respond so far to the Request for Bids I posted last weekend.

If you are working on, or thinking of working on, a submission of your own, don't be discouraged. Equally awesome mastheads might well be rotated with MyDog's effort. Be forewarned however that I am very fond of the favicon.

People sometimes ask me, they say, "michael5000, why do you say MyDogIsChelsea is your 'spiritual blogmother?'" Well, that would be because she mentored me both directly and by example into this business of gonzo self-publication. I am also mighty fond of the way she writes, and over the last year and whatever I have shamelessly tried to rip off her style on many occasions. So, it's an honor to have her version of "The Chariot of Venus" gracing the top of the page.

But enough of that. Let's bring on the Quiz!!!

with the usual apologies to the international contingent, it's...

The 1980s in the United States of America

1. What movies do these two posters advertise?

2. What is about to happen?

3. 1983's Operation "Urgent Fury" was the American invasion of __________ .

4. It's 1989. What just happened?

5. Who is this gentleman?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Elizabeth said...

1. Flashdance and Footloose.
2. Dan Quayle is about to correct this young person on his spelling of "potatoe".
3. Grenada.
4. Loma Prieta earthquake? Some earthquake in California, anyway.
5. Oliver "Shredder" North.

Rebel said...

1. Flashdance & Footloose
2. Dan Quale is going to correct the boy's spelling "potatoe"
3. Hatii? I have no idea, whe invaded a great many nations in the 80s.
4. The earthquake in SF during the world series. I can't remember what it was called.
5. Good old "I do not recall" Ollie North.

Also - love the new masthead and favicon, and am very pleased that you posted a quiz I had some hope of doing well on.

MJ said...

1. Flashdance and Footlose (spelling?).
2. Somebody is about to start singing: "let's call the whole thing off".
3. Mmmm, somewhere in Africa? don't know.
4. Earthquake in Northamerica. The usual spot. (Remember that on TV they said over and over that it was the worst earthquake of the century in the region. That was the revealing moment when i figured out that they always say that about everything... "The worst of this century except for the one in 1920-something blah blah blah")
5. Oliver something... Norton, maybe? Funny, i don't remember what that scandal was about.

Now i have that song footlose in my head...

MJ said...

ups, i forgot: love the favicon, and those "e"s, so sophisticated.

Cartophiliac said...

1. Flashdance and Footloose.
2. Vice President Dan Quayle is going to add an "e" to potato.
3. Invasion of Grenada
4. San Francisco earthquake
5. Col. Ollie "Lying sack of crap" North.

Jennifer said...

I've never seen either of these movies, believe it or not. But then they didn't have John Cusack in them. And by the way, my mother never let me remove the collar from a sweatshirt so it would slide seductively off one shoulder. As you can tell, I'm still traumatized.

Dan Quayle gives a big boost to the part of the economy based on mocking national politicians and providing stimulus for a lot of "Quaylisms" books. We say potato, he says potatoe. A lot of us wanted to call the whole thing off.

Dang. "Urgent Fury"? Sounds like somebody had been watching too many Rambo movies.

Mass transit got a huge boost from this when the quake hit! This hit something like two days before I was scheduled to start working in downtown SF. This was the first of a number of 6.0 or greater earthquakes I was in; the one near Yucca Valley felt way scarier, for the record, though it didn't do this kind of damage, of course.

I do not recall. I have no memory of that. (Get it? Get it? :-) )

By the way, yes, kudos on the cool masthead and favicon! I never even noticed before that the one (Venus herself, perhaps?) is holding what seems to be a globe. (The only thing I'm wondering about, and this is really pedantic of me, is whether the capital used as a T is really an I, and whether that matters. It looks good anyhow.)

In closing, when I saw that this was the Monday Quiz LIV, I thought for a split second we were going LIVE, but, um, that turns out not to be the case. :-)

Christine M. said...

1. Flashdance & Footloose
2. Dan Quayle is going to add an 'e' to potato (should have been an 'i' -- yuk yuk_
3. Grenada
4. San Francisco earthquake. Interesting fact: my brother was stationed there in the Navy, and he was in his submarine at the time and didn't feel a thing.
5. Ollie North

d said...

1 flash dance! footloose!
2 quayle is about to misspell 'potatoe'
3 grenada
4 earthquake in san fran
5 oliver north is about to take it up the ass for the iran contra affair

great new masthead. mdic did a great job of combining all elements and getting them to work as one. it definitely makes me want to throw up way less than the old one did.

Anonymous said...

1 / Flashdance. Footloose. The second one is connected to Kevin Bacon by no degrees of separation.
2 / Dan Quayle is about to blow his last ounce of credibility by miscorrecting the youngster's spelling of Potato. His adding an "E" on the end was easily understandable, as he had lived many years with a useless E at the end of his own surname. In fact, he would have been forgiven by now, if this wacky episode had not led directly to the creation of some television show in the next century called "Are You Smarter than a Fifth-grader?"
3 / Grenada
4 / The Loma Prieta earthquake. The first shot shows the Cypress Freeway in Oakland, the second shows collapsed houses in the Marina District in San Francisco. As the epicenter was SW of San Jose, this tragedy was a mild prescursor of what will transpire when the San Andreas or Hayward faults give out closer to the heart of the Bay Area. San Francisco Giant fans were too shellshocked by the death and destruction to even register that the Oakland A's took advantage of the resultant delay in the cross-bay World Series to use their two best starting pitchers in games 3 and 4 (after the delay) and thereby crush the Giants four games to zip.
5 / I don't see a gentleman in the photo, just an officer...named Oliver North.

Regarding the new banner, I do like the placement of the interebang (original spelling). The font makes your name appear as Michae 15000. It would be nice to include, on a rotating basis, some of the funny cartoon lines your readers invented to go with that image. Seems like Cartophineas or Mydogisrebel had some brilliant stuff.....

Anonymous said...

1. Flashdance -- what a feeling! -- and Footloose -- worst movie ever!

2. Is that when Dan Quayle misspelled potatoes? I never actually saw that...

3. I was a cheerleader in Ashland at the time -- did not pay attention to world affairs.

4. Earthquake in San Francisco?

5. Oliver North

Anonymous said...

1 Flashdance and. . . uh. . . Dirty Dancing?
2 Dan Quayle is about to insist on keeping the "e" in "potato"
3 Grenada
4 A California earthquake has caused this double-decker highway to single-deck. Oh, and other terrible mayhem. I think that one was in the Bay Area, if you're going to insist on pinpointing.
5 Oliver North

PS Nice favicon! I almost said "Flavicon," but that's probably a Fellini film, or an ice cream convention, or something.

Dan Nolan said...

Hey, I was alive in that decade!

1. Flashdance/Footloose
2. VP Dan Quayle is about to erroneously correct a grade schooler's spelling.
3. Panama
4. Earthquake in the SF Bay area
5. Oliver North

DrSchnell said...

1. Flashdance
Footloose (the soundtrack was among the first albums I ever owned, though I never actually saw the movie until grad. school.
2. Dan Quayle is about to show off his spelling prowess. It's an indicator of the general stupidity of our media that he was more mocked for this silly but actually understandable mistake than for a bunch of the truly stupid shit he said, did, and advocated.
3. Grenada - keeping medical students safe from commies!
4. Earthquake - the Loma Prieta (sp?) quake in the San Francisco area - this is a double decker freeway that collpased.
5. Oliver Ratfucker North

Anonymous said...

1. Flashdance

2. Dan Quayle is about to incorrectly correct this tyke's spelling of the world's most useless but tasty starch food.

3. Umm, Grenada?

4. That bridge collapsed in like ARizona or California--I would remember if I wasn't a dumbass.

5. That's no gentleman, that's Ollie North, about to, um, lie. (See him showing how dirty his hands are?)

blythe said...

i know these!

flashdance and footloose / quayle = stupid / grenada / earthquake / oliver north

holy crap!

Anonymous said...

1) Unfortunately, I happened to notice the answers of my fellow commenters for this one, so I know that they are Flashdance and Footloose. However, I would have said Dirty Dancing and Rocky.
2)Dan Quayle is about to misspell 'potato.'
3) Haiti? (I have no idea)
4) The earthquake in San Francisco.
5) Private Ryan (no clue.)

Anyway. I must say, m5000, you have quite a lovely masthead! And favicon!

Anonymous said...

Also, I think "it definitely makes me want to throw up way less than the old one did" is a compliment. Right?

Can fix the lettering problem if you'd like.

Ben said...

1. Flashdance
2. VP Quayle is about to add an e to the word "potato".
3. Grenada
4. The wall came a-tumblin' down (Berlin, that is)
5. Ollie North

Ben said...

Shoot. Missed that number 1 had TWO posters. The second one is Footloose, but I don't expect you to give me credit for it now.

Ben said...

Crap. I'm having a real Monday. 80's in AMERICA. #2 is not the Berlin wall, it's the Oakland quake that happened during the World Series.

OK. I'm going to shut up now.

Bridget said...

1. Flashdance and Footloose
2. This young man will be told to put an "e" on that thar puh-tater by a brilliant American politician.
3. Some small country.
4. The big San Francisco earthquake.
5. Oliver North.

Anonymous said...

OK, I looked again, I simply do not see a space between Michae and l5000. Call me crazy.

Anonymous said...

1. Flashdance & Footloose (Fancy Free never made it big.)
2. Dan Quayle about to embarrass himself for decades with a potatoe.
3.Grenada (I so wanted to say Bloomingdales)
4. An SF quake.
5. Ollie North

I love the use of he interrabang. And MDIC is a great blog read. Who knew she has such skills with the virtual doohickies! Coolness.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Yourdogischelsea, I wasn't clear. I meant that the new "L" in Michael, abutting the 5000, makes it look like part of the string of numbers, not letters, so I parse it as Michae and 15000. The large empty space is, as always, in my head.

Jenners said...

Ok ... I have a shot except I'm just guessing on #3 and I'm sure everyone else knows it. I know I should know it but I don't. I'm well aware of my ignorance and that I SHOULD DAMN WELL KNOW WHAT COUNTRY MY COUNTRY INVADED!

1. Flashdance/Footloose
2. Quayle will "correct" spelling
3. Haiti ????
4. Earthquake in SF
5. Ollie North

Love the new favicon. New masthead is better than old but I still think you need something more "modern." Can't believe you suckered someone into doing that for you! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

1. Flashdance and Footloose.
2. The sillye kide gavee ine to vice presidentiale pressure.
3. Grenada
4. San Fransisco earthquake
5. Oliver North

Chance said...

1. flashdance, footloose
2. quayle about to tell the kid to add the superfluous e.
3. grenada
4. san francisco quake
5. oliver north, who was just following orders

i was 10 in 1981 and 18 in 1989.

Michael5000 said...


1. Those would be Flashdance and Footloose. I was looking forward to revealing the shocking information that, despite having been born in 1968, I have never seen either of these movies, but I'm afraid I was scooped by Serendipity.

2. Dan Quayle, the Vice President of the United States, is about to make a memorable gaffe. See those cards he's holding? The school has given him the correct spelling of all the words in the spelling bee -- except there's a typo. Widely reviled, Mr. Quayle has gone on to make megazillions as an author and a capital asset manager, crying all the way to the bank.

3. Condemned almost universally as a blatant violation of international law, the U.S. invasion of Grenada was... I hate to say this... not completely unreasonable. It was also somewhat of a fiasco -- the difficulty that the richest country in the world had in overrunning a tiny island state revealed deep structural problems within the U.S. military.

4. That would be the Loma Prieto earthquake in San Francisco.

5. That would be Colonel Oliver North. Patently guilty of war crimes and, essentially, treason, he went on to a successful career as an author, talk show host, and nearly successful Congressional candidate.

Michael5000 said...

And in a veritable fiesta of Exclaimation Points, we've got the following winners: Elizabeth, Cartophiliac, la gringissima, d, KarmaSartre, DrSchnell, Blythe, Boo, Annie, and Chance.

On the leaderboard, that puts DrSchnell in the top spot with 20 Exclaimation Points in his trophey case. Mrs.5000 is right behind him with 19, and Chance right behind her with 18. Carto, gringa, and Karma, are right on their tails.

fingerstothebone said...

Whoa, what happened to my answers? I thought I was 3rd in line, right after Rebel? AND I made a snide remark about not being able to see the favicon still.

Eversaved said...

Ohh I can't answer the quiz.

But I know what #4 is because I lived it.