Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Monday Quiz LVI

Art of the Sixteenth Century

This might be a hard one, so you've got six chances to make five again this week.

1. This is the ______________.

2. This tryptich is called The Garden of ______________. It's by _____________.

3. These two paintings are both by _______________.

4. These two paintings are both by ___________________.

5. These two paintings are both by _______________.

6. This painting, by Hans Holbein, takes its common name from the occupation of the two men pictured in it. What is its name?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Christine M. said...

1. Mona Lisa
2. Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch
3. Caravaggio
4. One of them there Bruegels
5. Titian
6. I can't recall. But it's in the National Gallery in London, and if you look at if from a certain angle, you can see the skull on the floor. Cool.

Jennifer said...

1. The Mona Lisa. (You know that the rest of your quizzes are so scary that I keep thinking that one of the "easy" answers is going to be wrong. . . I'm tempted to put a question mark after even the most obvious answers. . . )

2. The Garden of Earthly Delights. Hieronymous Bosch, if I'm not confusing myself, subject of one of the best children's books of all time, "Pish Posh, said Hieronymous Bosch." It has Bosch-like pictures. Plus, it's a romance! What could be better? :-)

3. Oh, urg. I think it's Caravaggio, but it might be that woman whose name I'm blanking on even though I really like her. Or unless I'm totally out of the period. But since Caravaggio is the only name I can think of, well! Let's go with that.

4. Breughel. I think. It took me forEVER to come up with this name, doodling on the paper where I take my quiz first. I always just think of the poem about how the old masters, they were never wrong when I see this picture.

5. I don't know. Round legs, though. Titian? Reuben? Well, let's say Titian since I thought of it first, though now that I thought of Reuben I'm second guessing. No. No second-guessing. I'll probably regret that, though. But I might not. ARGH! The fact that I am probably wrong on either count reassures me. Titian.

6. I probably should know this. From the clothes, I'd say it's one of the Henry the 8th-era paintings. Don't know anything about Holbein. I know I've seen this painting before, possibly in person, and I have the sense that I'm wrong on the answer, but. . . um, The Explorers.

Anonymous said...

1- Mona Lisa
2- Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch
3/4/5- unsure
6- The Ambassadors. I've seen it in London, very cool painting.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...OK if you say this is hard one, I know it will be. All I got is the Mona Lisa.


Anonymous said...

1 Mona Lisa
2 Earthly Delights--Hieronymous Bosch
3 Caravaggio
4 Brueghel
5 hmmmm--Tintoretto?
6 The Ambassadors

Chance said...

I want more punctuation marks, but I'm rescuing myself because it's so easy and I'm such a smug arrogant bastard. Where's the geography quizzes? I suck at those.

Anonymous said...

1 / Mona Lisa
2 / Earthly Delights -- Bosch -- a triptych(?)
3 / Wes Craven
4 / Brueghel the elder
5 / Warhol
6 / The Cough Drop Manufacturers

Kritkrat said...

Who are you people? How can you possible know all this stuff?!?

DrSchnell said...

Argh. An art quiz. Not my finest moments....
1. Mona Lisa
2. Earthly Delights. Hieronymous Bosch (sp?)
3. No idea. How 'bout Stephen King?
4. One o' them Pieter Brueghels (sp?). The Elder?
5. Da Vinci
6. The Navigators. What's with the crazy stretchy skull?

d said...

1 mona lisa
2 garden of earthly delights by bosch
3 caravaggio
4 brueghel
5 oh crap. i know it starts with a 't'. titian?
6 the explorers?

Michael5000 said...

We've got MQLVI Exclamation Points going out to:

La Gringissima



& d!

Michael5000 said...

Oh, and that's for getting 5/6 of:

The Mona Lisa,
Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights,
Titian, and
The Ambassadors.

@Kadonk: Buncha smarty pants, ain't they.

Dan Nolan said...

Late again. Though I don't think I'd be in contention on this one anyway, but I'll venture some guesses:

1. Mona Lisa
2. Earthly Delights by H. Bosch.
3. Carravaggio?
4. no idea
5. Tiepolo?
6. The Explorers?