Monday, May 10, 2010

Bedroom ReModel2010 Staggers Across the Finish Line

Last Sunday, Mrs.5000 & I put the last coats of paint on the what had turned out to be a tedious two months of Castle5000 bedroom remodel. Monday, we rented one of those carpet cleaner dealies and went around cleaning up not just collateral damage from all the construction but six years of wear and tear and the last obvious physical traces of my late barfy cat. Tuesday, we went to the movies. Wednesday, we moved back into our bedroom. It's good to be home.

In response to increasingly belligerent demands for before-and-after pictures from certain quarters, we are pleased to offer this exciting collection of the same. Please keep any comments to the effect of "it looks pretty much like it did before" to yourself, thanks.

Entering the room. I mean, really, it was a poorly painted white room, and now it's a well painted white room. Big whup.

Window Frame: Of course, little details can make a lot of difference.

Here, we see that the new paint job really mostly throws into relief that the right-hand door needs a paint job itself.

Crappy old built-in shelves become gleaming new built-in shelves. They look better now that they have books and stuff on them.

This light fixture turned out to be powered by two knob-and-tube wires just coming out of a hole in the ceiling. Old houses are full of charming surprises! The new fixture is a little on the big side, but a little more contemporary. Meaning, it should be a few decades before it makes too many people wince.

Mrs.5000 did, I think, a splendid job of fixing the massive hole I made in the wall plaster.

...and you have to know where to look to see traces of the obnoxious old outlet:


Tours available by appointment only.


sugarfoot said...

Mark and I would like a tour the week of Thanksgiving please. Are there appointments available?

Elaine said...

I recognize the light fixtures--both of them. Lowe's?

Where are the AFTER pictures, featuring all of the decor--furniture, curtains, books, pictures? Prying minds want to know! No, but seriously-- kudos!

Cartophiliac said...

Is that a new light fixture or the original? It looks just like the one in my bedroom when I was growing up. Probably originally installed around 1952 when the house was built.

Rebel said...

The paint job actually makes a HUGE difference. It looks quite a bit nicer in a lot of subtle ways. Not like the big showy 'trading places' way of painting one whole wall lime green and making a light fixture out of bamboo placemats and all that crap. But in a way just cleans it all up and makes it look nice. Good job you guys.

mrs.5000 said...

We've moved back in, but are still working on the decor. You know how these things go.

I wonder if the light fixture we took out could date to the big 1945 remodel, or more possibly somewhat later. The square foldy glass shade looks like it could almost be trendy dinnerware, but is just a little too scary to eat off of (also has the little hole in the center). It's currently on a shelf in our basement if anyone needs it. The new light is "period basics" from Rejuvenation, so will hopefully never ever quite go out of style.

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

I think your new white room looks just lovely! And what room wouldn't benefit from a trip to Rejuvenation?

Jenners said...

I'm sure it feels good to be done ... and I think you did a good job .. but seriously, why not add some color????!!!!!!!!