Saturday, May 15, 2010

Castle5000 Bedroom Remodel: Q&A

In response to last Monday's post on the Castle5000 bedroom remodel, L&TM5K Vice-Dork Jenners kindly remarked:
I'm sure it feels good to be done ... and I think you did a good job .. but seriously, why not add some color????!!!!!!!!
An excellent question! For Jenners has never crossed the threshold of Castle5000. She has never seen the safety-orange living room! The maroon of the entry way! The bright yellow (with purple trim) of the downstairs bathroom! Never seen the kitchen with its violet floor and royal blue trim! The indigo of the guest room! The Moroccan Ice Blue Bathroom, she has seen only in photographs.

So she could not know that the Castle5000 bedroom colors -- three flavors of white -- were carefully chosen as the only place in the house where color has NOT been added.

And why not? Because it's the only place we can do things like this:

Any other questions?


gl. said...

that's why sven likes our walls to be white, too.

Elaine said...

Very yummy!

This old house had similar color schemes in all its rooms--so we have preserved one of the FOUR (count 'em) full baths in the colors we 'inherited:' a kind of lime-mesquite green (walls and wainscoting) above royal blue *sprinkled with glitter.* And a gray-beige 'spatter pattern' linoleum floor. In the words of Dave Barry, am Not Making This Up.

Yankee in England said...

I have tons of questions non of the Castle 5000 related. Such as when will Kitchen 5000 make a regular apperance again? I know you can't have made it thru all those recipe cards yet. Also in the unfortunte case that you and Mrs. 5000 should divorce how exactly would you decide to split any boring post cards that were aquired in your time together? Do you each have seperate collections? Are some of them shared? What happens when you and Mrs. 5000 disagree on what constitues a boring post card?

There are just a few.

eavan said...

Nice textiles.

Michael5000 said...

gl.: Sven has some of my quilts?

Yank: Excellent questions. 1. M5K Kitchen will make a brief appearance next Saturday. 2. I've made it clear from the get-go that if Mrs.5000 ever divorces me I plan on taking her to the cleaners; I am certainly accustomed to being kept in a fine boring postcard collection. 3. We basically have a unified collection, but it is not rigorously organized and there are pockets of postcards in various locations throughout the castle, some under de facto one-party administration, some jointly tended. 4. And, when we disagree on what constitutes a boring postcard, an interesting (if dorky) conversation results, all part of the fun of hoarding boring postcards.

Eavan: Thanks! I take pride in my textiles.

Jenners said...

Thank you for answering my question ... and making your house sound like a fun house! If I ever visit, I'll be sure to wear sunglasses! ; )

gl. said...

m5000: no, sven does not have one of your quilts. nor do i. unfortunately.