Thursday, May 27, 2010

Morte Las Vegas!!!

A few years ago, Mrs.5000 and I drove through Las Vegas, which is kind of like going to the mall but on a much larger scale. Oh, and the mall is on fire -- the visibly declining air quality as you approach the city from southwestern Utah is pretty alarming.

For the most part, the charms of the city were lost on us, but I did make an excited hard left turn when I happened to spot a fenced-off area of a few square blocks along a road a few miles from the city center.

This turned out to be the "sign boneyard," a dumping ground for old neon and electric signs.

Mrs.5000 & I went right to work!

And spent a happy half-hour or more taking photos of the splendid decay.


Jennifer said...

Ooh, very cool! I can't believe you and Mrs5000 have kept this under your hats for so long. You've got some good stuff here!

Just think what further gems you could have achieved if you weren't anti-trespassing, though! ...not that I'm trying to say that it would have been a good idea. I would never encourage anybody, implicitly or explicitly, to trespass.

Ben said...

I love the skull face next to the SIN sign. I bet some rock band could use that on an upcoming tour!

fingerstothebone said...

And you didn't bring home a sign or two? The ducky would've been very nice in your front yard!

Jenners said...

OK ... totally see the appeal of this place ... but to just drive on through Vegas???????!!! That I don't get.

Elaine said...

Yeah, what Jennifer said.
You just obeyed the signs? I mean, this was a Coffee Table Book! For the Ages!

What, you lost the negatives?

the Yellow Fang is my favorite.

And you two are my heroes.

UnwiseOwl said...

Oh my, I have a new ambition in life. Sign Graveyard Operator.
Now there's a calling that I could get behind.

Michael5000 said...

Jennifer: It was rather... conspicuous. Not an easy trespass.

Ben: We'd let the WFSO use it for free, for a sin-themed concert.

Fingers: I've long been looking for a piece of statuary for the BACK yard. But the ducky is a little oversized for the spot.

Jenners: I rejoice in your enjoyment of Las Vegas.

Elaine: "Negatives"?

Owl: I hear ya. But I don't think there's much money in it.

I'll put up a second set next week, y'all. Glad you enjoy 'em!

UnwiseOwl said...

I'm an Australian. Given our well-documented love affair with all things big and plastic, I think there's a definite market for this stuff...Also, it's a veritable goldmine of stuff for arting.

Elaine said...

I still think of photos as having negatives. Tsk.
My 'new' camera uses floppy disks, and I just love that. None of this having to learn some kind of photo shop thingie.

sister jen said...

Oh YEAH---