Monday, June 21, 2010

Acquisition & Divestiture

Acquisition: Mrs.5000 and I like to hit the neighborhood estate sales. It makes a good excuse for a little bike ride, it's fun to see the insides of other peoples' houses (and therefore their lives), and sometimes we find cheap loot that either amuses us or can be used in crafts projects.

I always like to check the kitchen. It is always the grimmest section of a proper estate sale, of course, but everybody knows this and therefore any consumables are priced at rock bottom. And hey -- I go through LOTS of tea at work, tea doesn't really go bad, and you are going to pour boiling water on it before you use it. It helps that, although I like good tea, I'm also perfectly comfortable with bad tea.

Mrs.5000 frowns on this practice, perhaps because of my habit of referring to the stash in question as "dead man's tea." Therefore, this particular acquisition is for office use only.

Divestiture: Khaki work pants. Entered service: c. 1999. Designated for casual use only: c. 2004. Designated for painting and gardening only: c. 2006.

Decommissioned and salvaged for household rags: 2010.


Jennifer said...

I keep reading the bottom (so to speak) picture as representing "Designated for painting and gardening only."

The Calico Cat said...

Dead man's tea... how appropriate. I too drink tea at work (When it is colder.) But I have to disagree, I think it does go bad... Especially when you try to make one bag make 4 cups of tea... :o)

fingerstothebone said...

I, too, thought you were out gardening in those cut up pants. But what the hey, from 1999, that's really pretty darn

Jenners said...

Did you drop some dead man's tea on those pants????? They look like they got hit with something vile!

Michael5000 said...

fingers: These pants were made of pretty thin material, and the fabric over the pockets, where I pack my keys, began to give way relatively quickly. Then, once pants are being used in the garden, the knees are quick to go.

Jenners: They were PAINTING pants.

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

You have made me laugh.

I needed that this morning.