Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your Sunday Boring Postcard from Michael5000


Provenance: Unsure.

Want a boring postcard from Michael5000? Request up to one weekly in the comments!


Jennifer said...

"I learned to read for myself when I was six. To congratulate me, my grandmother--Sarah--sent me a picture postcard. The picture was of a rabbit reading a book. On the back she wrote, 'Well done! Now you can find out all the secrets of the world.' When I saw her next time, she asked if I liked it. I said, 'I like it so much, Gran, I wish I had a postcard every week.' And since then she's sent me a picture postcard every week. Never misses. Doesn't matter if she's ill. Or away on holiday. Whatever. Every week she sends me a card. Even though I live with her now, she still sends them. By post. When there's no post, like when there was a postal strike once, she puts that week's card through the letterbox herself . . . I've kept them all from the very first. There are seven hundred and eleven so far."

from Postcards from No Man's Land
by Aidan Chambers

Elaine said...

THAT is totally wonderful.


G said...

I lurved my boring card! Actually, I'm not sure it *was* boring... Either way, the result was the same: I put on my awesome "You can fry but you can't resist" tshirt and had a M5K Day!

Thinking of firing up the old blog again to see how she runs...