Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Song of the American Road, pt. 14

Blaine, Washington

Border of Canada and United States "Children of a Common Mother".  This symbol of enduring unity, the 67-foot Peace Arch, represents the undefended boundary between two friendly nations and their people.

Thanks for the delicious fish dinner.

Maple Falls - Wed.

Dear Kilroys: Arrived this a.m. - found the note.  Sorry I pulled the drapes together so closely.  It was lovely to see you again, and tho have Frances and Kay out, too.  I'm sure Kay's eye will be O.K. - but it takes time.  Another carpenter came today to look over the repairs we'd like done in the bedroom.  He, too, is busy.  Chas. came out in time for lunch.  Love, Lela - Al.  Will write more later.

Laughing Whitefish Falls in Alger County, Michigan's Upper Peninsula

These falls descend 80 feet and literally slide down a 100-foot incline over myriads of little rippling steps.  Easily reached -- located 3 1/2 miles northwesterly from the junction of US-41 and Trenary Corner.  Courtesy of Michigan Tourist Council.

Sat, July 25, 1959

Hi!  Seen the shrine at Indian River, the Mackinaw Bridge.  Now visiting the upper Peninsula.  Enjoying the beautiful sceneries along the way.  Sophie.

INDIAN MUSEUM -- The artifacts here have been gathered from several states.  Note the paintings, the arrowheads and the many articles used by different tribes of Indians.

9-3-87  Hi: Be sure & read mothers' card & show her yours.  Got a perm last Tuesday - needed it for Nova Scotia trip.  We leave the 11th.  Got my suitcase down today - nothing in it for a few days.  We've heard it is cold up there.  I guess for about a week weather has been so nice & cool, haven't had a/c on.  Have fan on today though.  I got 125 pills from clinic for trip so won't run out like I did at Colo & Wichita.  Love, Esther.


Hello there Pal how are you getting along with me [sic] I miss you & don't think I don't mean it.  I haven't called Kermit yet will do so in the morning.  did you have any rain?  it rained all the way on Monday its nice here a little cloudy today & cool.  don't do anything bad.  Your friend Elisabeth


Aviatrix said...

Wow, that's a full mailbag of postcards. The Peace Arch is a boring enough picture, but the message casts a beam of non-boringness with the statement Sorry I pulled the drapes together so closely. What's going on there? The host's OCD acts up when the edges of the curtains touch? Someone was afraid of the dark? Neighbours get suspicious when they can't peer in?

I applaud the boringness of the museum shot. They're so boring it didn't occur to them to remove the glass and rearrange the exhibits for a more appealing postcard?

And I know it gets mentioned a lot, but it's so cute and quaint that you could once send a postcard to "Name, City, State."

Michael5000 said...

I love "Sorry I pulled the drapes together so closely." It's hard to imagine that sentence being uttered or written without an implied ", you nitpicking asshole." at the end of it. Definitely something edgy happening there.

You can still get away with Name, City, State reasonably reliably in small towns. For instance, I bet you'd have good odds in Moundridge, Kansas. I wouldn't think you'd have much of a shot in the cities, of course, but postal people generally really want to get the mail through and, I suspect, welcome a challenge and change of routine. Perhaps some experimentation is in order.