Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Wednesday Quiz nibbles at a carrot

It's not:

Shhh.   The Wednesday Quiz is resting.

By something resembling popular demand, a slightly-different-but-much-the-same incarnation of the Quiz is under development at the L&TM5K reference library.  Your knowledge, intuition, and bravado will continue to be tested on a weekly basis... soon.  Give it a week or two.

In the meantime, here's a cute bunny to look at.


Jennifer said...


pfly said...

extra credit! Babylon! Badminton! Backgammon! Baba ganoush! --oh, oops, resting, right...

Rebel said...

Best Quiz Ever!!!

dhkendall said...

1. Ali Baba
2. thermonuclear
3. Iwo Jima
5. Jane Eyre
6. WInnie the Pooh (yay, WInnipeg reference!)
7. strontium
8. The Man with the Golden Gun
10. Fezzan

dhkendall said...

Oops, looks like I'm early with my answers. Uhh, ignore these. Not trying to cheat. Nope. :)

Michael5000 said...

: D

Anonymous said...

Ah, I accidentally looked at dhkendalls answers before starting my post, so I have to recuse myself this week.

- Aviatrix, whose Google accounts have been locked due to Google thinking she is twelve, and is in urgent need of a Google insider to rescue her blog from deletion. Contact me via Michael.

Anonymous said...

I'm so distraught I forgot the apostrophe.

Aviatrix said...

Fixed. It turns out you can just send them thirty cents from any credit card and they'll believe anything you tell them. Cheapest bribe ever.