Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wednesday Quiz works its way around a dandelion

Hey, great news!  The new Wednesday Quiz is ready!

...and by "ready," I mean I have chosen a format and roughed out what a couple of hundred questions will be.  There will still be some work to be done week-to-week, but I'll be good for it.

BUT WHY NOT THIS WEEK? I hear a vocal minority of you asking, and here's the deal: Next week I am going to take what I believe is the first ever

L&TM5K Blog Sabbatical.

...and it just wouldn't be right to start the new weekly quiz, then take a week off, and then resume.  That's just not how we roll around here.  Be ready to throw down in two weeks.

In the meantime, here's another cute bunny video you can watch.


Dug said...

I'm having quiz withdrawal cause you know how much I love them. So here are some answers:

1. Nigeria
2. Nostradamus
3. Nineveh
4. Nancy
5. Niobium
6. New Musical Express
7. Not sure what the answer is to this one
8. Nintendo
9. Nauru
10. Knights of the Round Table

Michael5000 said...

That's a good set of answers.

mrs.5000 said...

Are the bunnies going to be on the quiz?

Aviatrix said...

Here are mine:
1. silver
2. South Sudan
3. shingles
4. surcease
5. Santa Ana
6. South Dakota
7. syringe
8. satyr
9. socialist realism
10. spleen

Rebel said...

Personally, I support the Bunny of the week trend.

Rebel said...

OH! He's soooo cute when he's chewin'!

sister jen said...

Ehh, what's up with the bunny videos, doc?