Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Biscuits of Mongolia: #1

The biscuits of Mongolia project is an endeavor of L&TM5K Ambassador to the Post-Soviet Fringe Meaghan. It is republished here by permission, although I haven't yet held up my own half of that agreement.  I better get on that.

The biscuits of Mongolia project, #1.

Country of origin: Ukraine.

Packaging languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English (GB), and Kazakh.

Biscuit type: butter biscuit.

Mouthfeel: dust and ashes, slightly gritty.

Price: 550 tugrugs.


Rebel said...

re: the dusty, ashy, slightly gritty mouthfeel - did you try it with tea? It seems like that is the 'serving suggestion' indicated on the package. ;)

Christine M. said...

The proper beverage is also indicated by its name. The Russian word чай means 'tea'. The other two letters make the sound 'na' or 'neh' so the name of this biscuit is pronounced "china'! Nifty, eh?

Elaine said...

Under no circumstances should you ingest these items. They are composed of radioactive dust and ashes from incinerated buildings. I am eating the cereal made from same each morning, and although I am losing weight in an admirable fashion, I am also grinding my teeth down thanks to the grit. Plus I glow in the dark.