Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's the Book Arts!

an occasional Thursday feature highlighting the work of Mrs.5000 and other book artists or toilers in affiliated vineyards.

Untitled Postcard
Sara, 2011

Fabric on cardboard, stamp.

This is not a classic book arts piece, but in my mind there is a fuzzy edge out there where books are related to the realm of paper ephemera, and postcards are solidly paper ephemera, and even if a postcard is not strictly made of paper it remains conceptually in that realm.  Know what I'm sayin?  Also of course I will always select items for this feature that underscore that I like it when people send me cool things in the mail.

This fabric postcard, from possible reader Sara of Topeka, Kansas -- although, to tell the truth, I'm not at all sure she follows the L&TM5K, hard as that is to understand -- was made with a chunk from a shirt her son had outgrown.  She didn't do the figurative stitching of the bicyclist, in other words, and she seemed a little apologetic on this point.  I think it's cool, though.  Found poetry.

Pretty cool, no?  The Postal Service has the reputation of being all rule-bound, but if you stick an address on something by gum they'll try to get it where you want it to go.  Personally, I think we should keep them around.

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