Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Not Quite the Book Arts!

...but it's a painting by someone who is among my very favorite book artists, our own fingerstothebone or, as she calls herself for marketing purposes, Shu-ju Wang.  It's called, a bit cryptically, They've Got Gold Trouble (Gouache on paper mounted on board, 12" x 12"), and it's mine. MINE!  MINE!  MINE!  For Mrs.5000 gave it to me for my birthday!*  That means I can do whatever I want with it, including taking a mediocre picture of it on the back porch:

I think it is terrific.  I feel really lucky to be able to have beautiful things like this right here in my house, where I live.

As a special bonus -- kind of like how a DVD often comes with a "the making of" video -- the evolution of this painting was chronicled on fingers' blog.  You can read about the process, and look at a better picture (and pictures of various stages along the way) here.  It was a year in the making!

* It must be said that Mrs.5000 seems to hedge on this point a little bit, trying to imply that she got it "for us for [my] birthday."  I don't even think that phrase makes grammatical sense, do you?


Elaine said...

It's a wonderful present, and I'm sure that Mrs. 5000, being the special person she is, will repent of her transparent effort to weasel in on your personal, private Work of Art. AND, Happy Birthday!

fingerstothebone said...

Uh hem...and why, it's a lovely piece of art, indeed!

gl. said...

nice! it looks appropriately epic. or mythic. i confuse the two.

Voron X said...

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

I keep looking at this and thinking how beautiful it is and that I should post something, but whenever I try to express what I like about this piece (it's gorgeous and not just in a pretty way but in a way that makes you want to look at it again and again!), it sounds either pedestrian or patronizing, which isn't what I'm going for. But maybe it's not about me and my weird feelings of inadequacy regarding art! Maybe it's just a cool piece that deserves sincere compliments!

So, Wow! This piece is beautiful! I think I'd have more nice art in my own house if I could find pieces like this.