Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Play-In Artist SubTournament: Phase 1, Flight 1

The Infinite Art Tournament interrupts the usual steady entrance of First-Round Contestants to bring you the first flight of phase one of the Play-In Artist SubTournament!!!

Phase One Rules:
  1. You may cast votes for up to four artists.  
    • One vote per artist per person.
  2. Since play-in artists were nominated by your peers in the IAT community, including myself, courteous and affirmative voting is in order
    • Which is to say, no baggin' on the aesthetic sensibilities of the nominators.
  3. Full rules, procedures, and anticipated timeline for the Play-In SubTournament are available on the Play-In SubTournament page.
  4. Additional Play-In artists may still be nominated on this post, on the Play-In SubTournament page, by email to InfiniteArtTournament at gmail, or by postcard.  There is space remaining for around a dozen more artists.

Bill Viola
1951 -

Anselme Boix-Vives
1899 - 1969
Spanish; worked in France

Kris Kuksi
1973 -

1947 -

Ernst Haeckel
1834 - 1919

17th Century
Rajasthani / Indian

Charles A. A. Dellschau
1830 - 1923
Prussian-born American

Dale Chihuly
1941 -

Vote for up to fours artists! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. This poll will be open for approximately two months past posting.


Michael5000 said...

So, for instance, I'll start things off by using all four of my votes, and casting them for Kuksi, Haeckel, Sahibdin, and Dellschau.

lamanyana said...

Out of those, I'll go for Dellschau, Sahibdin, Haeckel, Chihuly, though I'll ditch my Chihuly support pretty quickly, something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way.

Morgan said...

Kuksi, Sorayama, Haeckel, Dellschau.

So, will we have four votes for each flight or will we rescind our votes if better ones arise in subsequent flights?

Michael5000 said...

Morgan, you'll have four votes in each flight.

Rebel said...

And I'll give a vote to Bill Viola, I don't really like the guy on fire, but the woman in the water... that's really cool.

chuckdaddy said...

Could this tournament become even more awesome? Loving the variety of this round. 8 pairs and none are from the Renaissaince? Crazy... I'm going with... Kuksi, Haekel, Sahibdin, and... This is where it got hard. But I had to go with the aeriel-obsessed butcher whose notebooks were found in a landfill, because, when in doubt, the better wikipedia entry makes it, right?

Elizabeth said...

Viola, Kuski, Haeckel, and Chihuly. I find much of Chihuly rather overblown (ha!) but I really like that close-up of the small piece. Or perhaps it's a very very large piece, as they often are. And it's nice to get another medium in the mix.

Nichim said...

Haeckel, Kuksi, Sahibdin, Dellschau

mrs.5000 said...

Clearly the play-in is already doing its job--I'm excited about artists I'd never heard of! Kuksi, Sahibdin, and Dellschau are shoo-ins. The other two vying for my nomination are Chihuly and Haeckel, so it's interesting to see them both drawing inspiration from the same crazy natural forms. Offer me a work from either for my living room, and I'd choose the Haeckel in a heartbest. But Haeckel's greatest achievements were really in the realm of science, whereas Chihuly's are more purely in the realm of...well, marketing, it seems to me, to a great extent. So, hey, I'm going with Haeckel!

Mm Mud said...

It is definitely interesting as it does vague things to my brain after all the italian painters/sculptors.

I should know the story of the Sahibdin painting with the hydra man with the donkey top hat but don't. I've loved all the colors and dyes they've used in pictures of those days.

With just a lil more ado about never having visited any of the big Chihuly exhibits even after being a Seattle resident for over a half a decade, i'll pick Chihuly, Sahibdin, Sorayama, and Kuksi

Michael5000 said...

Here's a vote-by-email for Boix-Vives, Kuksi, Haeckel, and Dellschau.

It also comes with a play-in nomination for Ferdinand Hodler, but it turns out that he's already on the main tournament list.

Candida said...

Lovely variety of choices!

Well, heck. I was just going to leave it at three, but Dellschau is growing on me....
(I'm not just copying other people's answers! I'm not!!!)

gl. said...

i'm giving all four votes to viola, because his art is video-based and so still images are really tough to convey the full depth of the work. that first image, especially, was a fabulous piece, part of a set of four in a darkened room with the swimmers floating upward called "five angels for the millennium."

Michael5000 said...

gl.: I'm afraid I must invoke point (1), subclause (a) of the Play-In SubTournament Rules: "One vote per artist per person."

Your ballet as cast counts as 1 vote for Viola, and 3 uncast votes. I should note, however, that this still privileges Viola within his flight to a certain extent by reducing the votes received/voters ratio of the other seven artists.

You may modify or stand, as you please.

gl. said...

oops. good point. i stand.

i made a mistake when i wrote: "part of a set of four in a darkened room with the swimmers floating upward called "five angels for the millennium." obviously there were five in the set. doh!

also, viola has another exhibit where he films people having an emotional reaction (like crying) at super sloooooooooooow speed. they are framed like photos would be, but they change very slowly over time. some people would probably think it's boring, but i found it fascinating.

pfly said...

Oop, almost missed this one. If it's not too late: Kuksi, Viola, Chihuly, Haeckel.

Leonardo Piccioni said...

In alphabetical order:
Chihuly (I googled and I'm impressed with his work)

Wildrover said...

Kuksi and Sorayama for me. Only 2 votes as these were the only ones that appealed to me.

Michael5000 said...

And with voting closed in Flight 1, the finishers lined up like this:

1. Kuksi
2. Haeckel
3. Dellschau
4. Sahibden
5. Chihuly
6. Viola
7. Sorayama
8. Boix-Vives

Under the lamentably abridged rules, Kuksi, Haeckel, and Dellschau will advance to the Second Flight, re-entering competition about a year from now.