Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wednesday Post

The Strange Death and Life of Fred the Cat
A letter from Massachusetts, c.2003.

The biggest news on my side of the county is that [my cat] Fred apparently decided that being dead didn't agree with him.

A friend found Fred as roadkill on the side of the road and brought him back. My mother, my sister, and I all viewed the body and with little lumps in our throats said "Yup, that's Fred."  We gave him a great funeral. Prayers -- a statue of the Buddha on top of the grave -- planted some ivy. I mean, he had a good send-off!

An Enclosed Picture: "Fred -- after
Resurrection, one gets a little tired."
But then about 3 days later the animal welfare officer here in town called and said she'd found him. Well, of course we argued the point, but after about another week I decided to go and see the cat she had. Sure enough, it was Fred, kind of annoyed that he'd had to spend over a week in a cage in a barn but otherwise no worse for the wear. So now the question is: who is in Fred's grave? Although I'm sticking with the resurrection theory.

Epilogue: Fred the Cat lived several more years, dying peacefully and without further supernatural incident at the age of 18, in 2009.


Jennifer said...

That's a pretty good story!

chuckdaddy said...

I had a similar story, but in reverse. My cat, Sabrina, went missing. I looked for, put up the signs... But heard nothing for around 4 days. Then, I came home from work, and my roommate came running up to me. "Charlie, Aaron and I found Sabrina! I was driving him home from work and we saw her. Wow, she had gotten a far ways. She's in your room now!"

So, I went into my room to see a cat who looked very much like Sabrina, but, alas, was not her. It actually brought some much-needed levity to the situation. Especially when they had to go back and discreetly drop off this cat they had stolen...

Michael5000 said...

The Sabrina look-alike must have been, like, "What the hell was THAT all about?"