Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome to Marshastan!

I have this friend named Marsha, who is one of my favorite people despite her inexplicable failure to follow this online periodical.  It was recently one of her birthdays that involved round numbers, and I was commissioned to put together a map of her travels.

The complete map of Marshastan was quite large, with lots of islands and continents and with a text overlay laden with biographical in-jokes.  But you probably don't know Marsha, so you don't get to see all that.  I was especially proud of the heart of Marshastan, though, which consisted of the states of Michigan, Indiana, Oregon, and -- in two segments -- California.

I am particularly proud of the Eastern Oregon coastline.

Fifteen quatloos to anyone who can identify the reference to Jonathan Swift.


margaret said...

I see a second career here.

Eric said...

I like this a lot, and concur about a second career. You should consider it.

Dug said...

Or a first career as a geography prof.

Dug said...

Yes Milwaukee, Oregon does have a nice ring to it. My favorite feature is that empty space that leaks out of Nevada between the parallel Wabash and Colorado Rivers.

gl. said...

oooo, nice!