Friday, August 24, 2012

A Wedding Quilt for 2010

Two friends whom I will call "Joey" and "Daisy," although these are not their real names -- they are, in fact, the names of their cats -- got married about two years ago.  After they got engaged, I had a meeting with them to discuss possible quilt designs, showing them various quilt images and asking them to tell me what they liked or did not like about a wide range of different possibilities.  I took notes.

Then, I pretty much stopped quilting for a year or so.

And then I picked up my project list last fall for the first time in ages and was all like "OMG!  I forgot about Joey and Daisy's wedding quilt!"  

This Tuesday, I completed the final finish work, roughly two years after the wedding.  This will be the second time I present it to them; They had it for a few months, bound with safety pins, after I had done everything but the hand-finishing.  This time, though, it's "done-done."

The primary design considerations were:
  1. That it wanted to be "symmetrical-but-not-too-symmetrical."
  2. That it wanted to consist of a short series of values in a single color.
  3. That it be big -- and it is, I think, my biggest quilt to date.
  4. That it be "built for speed" -- I was already way behind deadline, and needed to be able to cut, piece, and quilt a lot of blanket in a little time.

I think it came out rather well.

Houseplant sold separately.

The Specs

Serial Number: 61

Dimensions: 73" x 97"

Batting: Commercial batting.
Backing: Dark purple flannel.

Begun: 2011, after conceptual work in 2010.
Finished: August, 2012

Intended Use/Display: Wedding Gift.


Rebel said...

That is... The Awesome!!!

Soooo cool, love how you played with the values of both the blues and the grays, love the structure but not matchy-matchy symmetry. Well done sir! Well done!

gl. said...

ooooo, nice!

Jennifer said...

I vote to keep "Michael5000" in the Infinite Quilt Art tournament!

Libby said...

Stellar! Very well done...I like it a lot. Timing is nothing in these matters, at least that is my opinion.

sisterjen said...

Whoa, Nelly–this is amazing! I love especially the way the "lattice" pieces move from black to grays to whites...and the blue is breathtaking! What an amazing gift!

Anonymous said...

Daisy and Joey are one very lucky couple.

Anonymous said...

Above comment from
-Daisy & Joey

margaret said...

Wow, so beautiful!