Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics Per Capita Closing Ceremony

The Olympics are over! Let's see who won!

15th Place -- With a medal for every 715,102 citizens, a continuing athletic success for a country that took 10th place in the 2010 Winter Olympics:

14th Place -- A medal for every 648,090 citizens would sound pretty good to most of the world's nations, but it's a bit of a comedown (from one per 447,839) for 2008's 5th place winners:

13th Place -- Dropping one spot from 2008's 12th place finish, with a medal for every 647,118 folks, it's IAT Most Favored Nation:

12th Place -- Starting slow, but eventually accumulating a whopping medal for every 642,514 people, it's:

11th Place -- What is in that Baltic water? A medal for every 637,540 people in

10th Place -- Starting red-hot (third place at mid-tournament) but fading a little in the stretch, a medal for every 620,529 people still makes a top-ten finish for

9th Place -- With a medal for every 620,029 people, breaking into the top ten in only its second independent Olympics ever:

8th Place -- A medal per 586,000 is a well-rounded figure typical of the precision and accuracy of the athletes of:

7th Place -- With its best ever finish in Olympic competition, a medal per 568,800 citizens is a real triumph for:

6th Place -- It's hard to beat a medal for every 514,450 residents, but it's a slight slip after 2008's fourth-place finish for:

5th Place -- 2008's defending champions stay in the Top Ten and in the elite club of nations with more than a medal for every half a million citizens. With 1 per 353,658, it's
The Bahamas!

4th Place -- Up from 6th Place in 2008, with a dazzling medal for every 341,084 Kiwis, it's the implacable athletic juggernaut of
New Zealand!


A surprise sprint to finish from the a country from the most studly region of the planet yields a medal for every 329,429 people in
Trinidad and Tobago!


A slight decrease in per capita medal county can't keep them out the elite corps! Reprising the second place role from 2008 with a medal per 254,939 residents, it's the stunning athletes of:


The winners of the Olympics this year were hard to beat -- very hard to beat -- with a medal for every 105,000 citizens. That medal is, in fact, the first medal ever in Olympic competition for:

...and with the arbitrary 10-medal minimum:
#10 Czech Republic (29) -- One medal per 1,050,420 citizens
#9 The United Kingdom (65) -- One medal per 957,877 citizens
**Home field advantage**
#8 Azerbaijan (10) -- One medal per 923,510 citizens
#7 Netherlands (20) -- One medal per  836,804 citizens
#6 Cuba (14) -- One medal per  803,423 citizens
#5 Belarus (13) -- One medal per  727,577 citizens
#4 Australia (35) -- One medal per  648,090 citizens
#3 Hungary (17) -- One medal per  586,000 citizens   
#2 New Zealand (13) -- One medal per  341,084 citizens   
#1 Jamaica (12) -- One medal per  225,486 citizens

If you were wondering how the tussle between the United States of America and Japan wound up, the Western Hemisphere Country came up on top, finishing 49th to Japan's 50th overall.  The pair were right behind Spain, but both beat out Tunisia and Kuwait.  It was a drop of two spots from the 2008 finish for IAT's  home country.

The People's Republic of China finished 74th, dropping six spots from 2008 but still beating out 11 countries.  India once again takes up the rear at 85th, but can take consolation in considering that this still is a better showing than the more than half of the world's countries that did not score a single point.

See you in four years!  Meanwhile, feel free to wish me a happy birthday.


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