Monday, August 20, 2012

The Jazz Thing, Round One: John Coltrane v. Warren Vache and Bill Charlap

The Jazz Thing, Round 1 (40 Word/Album Limit)

#1 John Coltrane – "A Love Supreme."  (1964)  v.  #113 Warren Vaché/Bill Charlap  – "2gether." (2000)

Well the Vache & Charlap is a very pleasant record of what I’ve seen called “chamber jazz” – a piano and muted trumpet making music that is maybe more about invoking a mood than about commanding one’s full attention. Quite likeable.


What did you think? I’d toss out the legendary A Love Supreme in the first round? Nah. What the Coltrane lacks in immediate accessibility, it clearly makes up for in musical depth and rigor. Love the last track/movement!

A Love Supreme defeats 2gether.

This completes the first round for the first (out of sixteen) set of eight.  Contest "A1" is going to be a collision of great magnitude, but it will be a long time before we have to worry about that.

Stay cool, jazzcats.

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