Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Wednesday Post, Olympic Edition

The Olympics Update!
As of whenever I crunched the numbers Tuesday night.

Still in Tenth Place, with a medal for every 1,089,500 citizens:

Slipping five notches to Ninth Place but surpassing the psychologically important medal-per-million mark, with a medal for every 907,326 citizens:

Breaking into the Top Ten in Eighth Place, with a medal per 849,718 inhabitants:

Debuting at Seventh, with a medal for every 838,897:

Slipping three spots to Sixth, with a medal for every 698,095 Danes:

Leaping mightily into Fifth, with a medal for every 676,457 citizens:

Leaping even more mightily into Fourth, with a medal for every 647,118:

Slipping from Silver to Bronze, with only 514,450 sharing each medal:

Slipping to Silver, with a medal for every 492,677:

And suddenly very, very hard to beat, with an amazing Olympic medal for every 105,000 citizens:

..and with the Ten Medal Minimum, artificial as that may be:

#10 Japan (29) -- One medal per 4,397,586 citizens
#9 Italy (17) -- One medal per 3,577,254 citizens
#8 Canada (11) -- One medal per 3,170,055 citizens
#7 Germany (27) -- One medal per  3,031,815 citizens
#6 Russia (48) -- One medal per  2,981,604 citizens
#5 France (28) -- One medal per  2,333,929 citizens
#4 South Korea (23) -- One medal per  2,112,174 citizens 
#3 United Kingdom (48) -- One medal per  1,297,125 citizens   
**Home field advantage**
#2 the Netherlands (14) -- One medal per  1,195,434 citizens   
#1 Australia (25) -- One medal per  907,326 citizens

The United States of America, it's worth mentioning, is a statistical hair's breadth behind Japan and could leap back into contention at any time, so long as New Zealand, Romania, and Hungary don't win any more medals, or Denmark, Belarus, or Poland don't win two more, in any of which cases it's all over.


mrs.5000 said...

Hats off to Grenada! But New Zealand wins my vote for postal gold with its tightly-cropped stamp designs.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I wonder if there is a stamp for tug of war? Bring back tug of war!!!!!

Hey, I saw Chuckdaddy comment on your last post. Now THERE is a name I haven't seen since like 2007 . . .

Michael5000 said...