Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabulous Prizes: January!

The winner of the IAT Fabulous Prize for January was Candida, one of whose votes was chosen at random from all those cast in February.

As she pointed out, the prize for voting was essentially to have to vote again, this time from the Fabulous Prize menu:
  • Your very own copy of The Art Book (or an equivalent volume).
  • a $20 donation -- or a $30 matching donation -- to a visual arts museum or charity of your choice.
  • a $25 donation towards the arts charity of MY choice, which would be the Portland Art Museum.
  • a batch of Michael5000's regionally famous oatmeal almond chocolate-chip cookies.*
Candida, after careful deliberation, chose the $25 donation towards the arts charity of MY choice.  To streamline the bookkeeping, how we'll handle that is that when Mrs.5000 and I renew our P.A.M. membership in a few months here, an additional $25 will be tacked on in Candida's name.  Well, "in Candida's name."  It won't be official, you understand.  But it will be real.

Other IAT News

1) We've got a Monster First Round face-off coming this weekend.  Holy cow, hang onto your hats!

2) Next week, after a quirky little Element you've never heard of, we'll venture for the first time into the Left Bracket Third Round!!!  We'll be meeting up again with some artists we haven't seen for a while.  Very exciting.

3) The Hypothetical Hypermarathon is suspended, with the poor Avatar sitting all hangdog at the side of a country road, while Michael5000 tries to deal with an epic case of bronchitis.

And, A New Acquisition in the Mrs. & Michael5000 Collection of Contemporary Arts

"Bunny Bot"
Jen Hardwick, 2012
Mixed media, found objects, and bric-a-brac on wooden box core.
9" x 7" x 3"
Christmas 2012 gift, Michael to Mrs.

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