Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Play-In Artist SubTournament: Phase 1, Flight 8

Phase One Rules:
  1. You may cast votes for up to four artists.  
    • One vote per artist per person.
  2. Since play-in artists were nominated by your peers in the IAT community, including myself, courteous and affirmative voting is in order
    • Which is to say, no baggin' on the aesthetic sensibilities of the nominators.
  3. Full rules, procedures, and anticipated timeline for the Play-In SubTournament are available on the Play-In SubTournament page.

Phase 1, Flight 6 will be open until noon Pacific Time, Saturday, February 23.
Phase 1, Flight 7 will be open until March 23.
Flight 8 will be open for approximately two months.

Norman Saunders

Dorian Cleavenger
? (contemporary)
not sure; works in U.S.

Saul Steinburg
Romanian; worked in U.S.

David Mach
b. 1956

Frank Frazetta

Justin Bua
b. 1968

Abelardo Morell
b. 1948
Cuban; works in U.S.

Peter Aurisch
? (contemporary)

Vote for up to fours artists! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. This poll will be open for approximately two months past posting.


pfly said...

Steinburg, Mach, Bua, Frazetta

Christine M. said...

Steinburg, Mach, Bua, Morell

Morgan said...

Bua, Mach, Steinburg, Saunders

Elizabeth said...

Mach, Bua, Morell, MORELL!!

mrs.5000 said...

OK, I think Abelardo Morell's camera obscura photographs--the exterior view projected into a darkened room through a single aperture--are just exquisite. The idea is simple, the effect magical. The details, variations, and artistic choices in each juxtaposed scene always surprise. And I they embody elements of different kinds of contemporary art--land art, happenings, conceptual art, psychological metaphor or phenomenological minimalism, hey, it's all there.

I'll also vote for Steinburg, certainly, and David Mach.

mrs.5000 said...

"I they embody"?...well, they, anyway.

pfly said...

Oh, Morrell's stuff is made by camera obscura? That's why it's all upside down? That's a lot more interesting than what I assumed--that he was wallpapering places with upsidedown vistas. So we are looking at a picture on a computer screen of a photograph of a room with a camera obscura image all over it? Quite a few steps removed there! ...well it probably won't matter, but given all that I'd change my Frazetta vote to Morrell...

mrs.5000 said...

@pfly: yes, that's it! See, it's interesting, no? In others, he apparently uses a lens that makes the projection right-side-up, which gives a very different effect. (These here, I think are interesting to also view upside down, so the projection dominates and the room is further estranged...)

Chuckdaddy said...

Bua steinberg morell, and... Aurisch

lamanyana said...


Michael5000 said...

Morell, mostly. Mach and Steinberg as well.

Candida said...

Saunders, Morell.

Michael5000 said...

An emailed vote just in for:

Norman Saunders

Saul Steinberg

Frank Frazetta

Abelardo Morell

Voron X said...

This is hard.

I like Cleavenger's stuff because there's not enough perverted art in the world.
Frazetta is so amazingly dynamic.
Mach's stuff is really cool.
Bua has amazing color and perspective and a cool style. Saunders has that whole cultural importance thing going on.

Aurisch is neat and it's great to see a Tattoo artist on here, though I've seen better tattoo artists.
Morell's stuff is neat, and I like the meta-ness, but he's not going to get in.
Steinberg is forgettable.

So it's between the fantasy/pulp artists, Frazetta, Cleavenger and Saunders, and Mach and Bua.

As usual, I'm in the minority. Cleavenger needs at least one vote, mostly because of paintings like this: Life
And I'm going to go with Bua, Frazetta and Saunders.