Friday, February 22, 2013

The Jazz Thing, Round 1: Pepper v. Carter

The Jazz Thing, Round 1 (40 Word/Album Limit)

#60 Art Pepper – "Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section" (1957)  v.  #76 Benny Carter and His Orchestra  "Further Definitions" (1961)

Said to represent "West Coast Jazz," whatever that is or was.  Maybe that's why I'm drawn to it.  Very clean solo and ensemble playing.  A little smoky, which is bad in rooms and clothes but good in jazz.


Extremely tight playing by a somewhat larger ensemble -- four saxophones.  Just the hint of a schmaltz factor.  Feels like it should be four years older than Art Pepper rather than the other way around.

Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section beats Further Definitions.

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Michael5000 said...

D.J.A.S.S. will almost certainly knock Benny Carter out, and Miles will send Art into the Left Bracket, but that's probably years in the future.