Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Year Sabbatical: Before My Style of Art Criticism Got All Sophisticated

The Sabbatical Continues!

Six Years Ago in The Infinite Art Tournament!

Today's rerun comes from June 29, 2007. It was the 13th post (this time it is the 1960th) and the first one that featured the visual arts. It was not a sign of things to come any time soon, but I got there eventually.

I am totally crushing on this woman. She's a 15th Century statute of St. Catherine, French, sculptor unknown, and we met her at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts when we flew into SLC. I don't know if the photo does her justice, but she is very lovely indeed. Plus, I've always liked bookish women.

Medieval art is the shizzle.

 2013 Update:  St. Catherine underwent a week-long restoration in February 2013, lovingly detailed on the UMFA blog.  She looks better than ever.

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