Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round FOUR: Cézanne v. Church!

From one of the most painfully talent-rich bracket sets of the Tournament to date, two artists claw their way into the semifinals!

Paul Cézanne
1839 - 1906

  • Didn't have much trouble with Benvenuto Cellini in Round 1.
  • In a contest of many mixed feelings, got past Marc Chagall in Round 2.
  • Edged by French genre master Chardin in Round 3 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Frederick Church
1826 - 1900

  • Brutalized 13th Century master Cimabue in Round 1.
  • Lambasted Dutch still-life specialist Pieter Claesz in Round 2.
  • Took down the popular Joseph Cornell in what was described as a "cruel" Round 3 pairing.

Vote for the artist of your choice in the comments, or any other way that works for you. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Fourth-round matches are open for at least three months after posting.


Morgan said...

Hey, guys, came here to vote for Church

Christine M. said...


pfly said...

Aw, sorry to see Church go. Cézanne.

Nichim said...

Church Church Church Church Church

Chucidaddy said...

I was into Church at first but... Thanks to Mrs. 5000 though it's starting to feel like they really should have dinosaurs in them. Strong vote for Cezanne.

Michael5000 said...

One vote per person, Nichim.

Our email correspondent notes "Cezanne v. Church seems even more cruel to me than Church v. Cornell. I will stick with Church though. I could never vote against the fabulous iceberg, & also I've just seen some wonderful big canvases of his at the Met in the Civil War exhibition."

Elizabeth said...

You, my friend, rock!

I would go with Cézanne probably in any other matchup, but Church, my god, the way he combines intricate detail with sweeping horizons just blows me away. Also, iceberg. And the green landscape with waterfall is one of my favorites.


mrs.5000 said...

Cezanne, definitely. You think you know him, but he will always surprise you in the end.

lamanyana said...

I guess I fall in with the Church crowd this time around.

Michael5000 said...

My vote for Cezanne is paper-thin, but it's still there.

Alison said...


Candida said...

I did not expect to vote for Cezanne, whom I have perhaps under-appreciated in the past, but today he's getting through to me. Maybe my learning curve is just behind everybody else.("Hey, look! Colors!") I also feel like I'm voting Church down for his attitude towards Xtreme Art. ("Yeah, yeah, it's sublime. I get it.") It feels like he's trying to manipulate me (unlike all those other artists, I know).

UnwiseOwl said...

Managed to convince Mrs. Owl (who reserves the right to pick her own name in the future), an infinitely more arts-educated individual than myself, that she wants to play too.
We're both voting for Church, though. Me because that is some badass waterfall, and she, against her better instincts, because Church's work is just...prettier.

Michael5000 said...

Good news for those of you who were sorry to see Church go: Cézanne falls by a two vote margin, 8-6. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! Well, it's a double-elimination Tournament. Could there be a Grudge Match of the Titans somewhere down the line? One certainly hopes so!