Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Wednesday Post

Some Actual Philatelic Postage Stamps that I Actually, Like, Bought
And other stuff that came in the mail.

"Why on Earth" you might reasonably ask, "would you buy philatelic postage stamps?" 

The answer is, I think they're kind of neat, and it's fun to get something interesting in the mail.  I bought them on a whim, for peanuts, on a well-known online auction site.

What was I doing on an online auction site?  Well, I was shopping for this:

I know, right?  KEEPING IT REAL!!!

And the reason I got this (for peanuts) was partially to be able to listen to The Free Box Tapes at work, and partially for its AM radio, which offers the possibility of giving me an alternative way of listening to college football, now only 17 days away, on days when Mrs.5000 just doesn't want to hear it.  Assuming, that is, that I can change the station tuning, the knob for which is missing.  One accepts these things when one is buying for peanuts.

Did anything else come in the mail!?  Yes, my new business cards!

Let me know if you need a few to spread the good word!  To think that there are people missing out on quality online entertainment like this post!


mrs.5000 said...

I guess that explains the little box that arrived while you were away...Well, having smiled indulgently on the great box of tapes, I can hardly begrudge you a listening device.

As long as you don't start littering the yard with jalopies for "Classic Car Thursdays"...

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I applaud you getting back into tapes. I saw some gems in that stack (Depeche Mode, Chuck Berry). That walkman kicks ass. Water proof?

Michael5000 said...

Water. Proof. I might have to take it in the shower, just to make a point.