Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Wednesday Post

Three Boring Birthday Cards
And the Road to Safe Driving!

My birthday was last week, and Mrs.5000 knows she can't go wrong by bringing the postal ephemera!

These first two must be something of a set -- Morton is only a few miles from the Mossyrock Dam.  For me, the second one might as well be a postcard from the early 1970s, when the local festival in my own Northwestern town drew everybody out on the sidewalks to watch the log trucks go by at the back of the parade.

Morton, home of the Morton Loggers Jubilee each August, boasts national recognition because of the event.  Here is seen a "BLUE RIBBON" load of logs.


And here is a charming relic of a time when the operations of a manufacturer could be alluded to without any particular effort to pander to you and manipulate your thought process!


Also in the package: The Road to Safe Driving, an insurance company publication of the mid-1930s

It was still a few years until Buick would begin making cars with turn signals -- they didn't become ubiquitous until the 1950s -- so hand signals were still the way to go.  They're still a legal way to indicate your turn, you know!  I don't think that it's a good idea, though, to "sound your horn before passing another vehicle moving in the same direction" these days.

It's kind of hard to believe that the following observation about car doors was ever really necessary, but it remains great advice to this day.

If things go wrong, there's always "Elementary First Aid for That Emergency!"

Wait, what emergency!?  As much fun as everybody seems to be having on page 24, I'm not sure we're still in the realm of "Elementary First Aid" when the first instruction is "Look for hemorrhage, fractures, burns, etc."  But, if you're curious: the procedures for hemorrhage are implied on page 25.  Fractures, you try to immobilize with a splint.  Burns, you want to cover with one of the following:
vaseline, burn ointment, cold cream, lard, olive oil, castor oil, or any clean oily substance.  Machine oil or cup grease may be used in an emergency.  Don't apply Iodine.
Happy motoring!


gl. said...

memo to self: send m5000 a birthday postcard next time instead of a traditional card.

Michael5000 said...

Wouldn't you think that "burn ointment" would be FIRST on the list? Just saying. I totally agree that it's better than cup grease.