Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round One TIEBREAK: Dufy v. Ghiberti!

It's another IAT first today as we introduce the second of the two First-Round tie-break mechanisms. The artists who ended up in the first six ties have their second shot against the Play-In winners; the two artists meeting today are survivors of the seventh and eighth ties. Since there hasn't been a ninth tie yet, and these tiebreakers are supposed to wait on a three-month cooling-off period, it will be a while before we see another one like this.

Raoul Dufy
1877 - 1953

Tied with Marcel Duchamp in a January 2013 First-Round match.


Lorenzo Ghiberti
1378 - 1455

Tied with Domenico Ghirlandaio in a June 2013 First-Round match.


Vote for the artist of your choice!  Votes go in the comments.  Commentary and links to additional work are welcome.  Polls open for at least one month past posting.


Morgan said...

Let's go with Ghiberti, although I enjoy both.

Elizabeth said...

Dufy still makes me smile, so that's my vote.

TB said...

Dufy because he makes he smile, too! Love the movement of the sailboats!


lamanyana said...


pfly said...

Those gold doors are nice of course, but I'm still going to say Dufy.

Chuckdaddy said...

I'm finding this to be a particularly hard choice. On first glance, I definitely liked Dufy more. But as I looked through more Ghiberti, I found extremely impressed by his golden details. This requires a breakdown…

1) First impression: Dufy
2) In my house: Ghiberti- can you imagine having those be your doors?!
3) Importance (not sure this should count): Ghiberti - If I'm reading my wikipedia entires correctly, I believe it says that Ghiberti may have began perspective. Holy shit.
4) Most impressive: Ghiberti
5) Better Colors: Dufy - It seems unfair to hold it against Ghiberti that he only uses one color, but still… Aesthetically speaking, I think the all gold makes Ghiberti work, uh, a little hard to see. Whereas Dufy's colors stand out.

This means that… I'm not sure. I'll do another google images search…

I'm going for the poor man's Matisse (Dufy), barely.

mrs.5000 said...

This one's easy for me, I'm solidly behind Ghiberti. I've seen the Baptistry doors in situ (OK, they were actually replicas) and they're amazing. He wins hands-down as far as craftsmanship and influence. Dufy, eh, never quite my thing.

Michael5000 said...

It's an email vote for Ghiberti.

Ben said...


Nichim said...

Dufy, I guess.

Unknown said...

A wonderful images, thank you!
We are big fans of Raoul Dufy,his use of colour is enchanting. But just recently came across his brother Jean's work, have you seen it? Was he wrongly ignored because of their similar painting styles?
More here about their tricky relationship and some pics.

Candida said...

Gonna go Ghiberti here.

Michael5000 said...

Oh hey, it's one I never voted on! Well: Dufy goes in the broadening category of "things I used to think were frou-frou but have come to appreciate through art-tournament study. Ghiberti falls in the category of "technically amazing stuff that doesn't however rock my world."

This means... Ghiberti

Michael5000 said...

But Dufy takes the match anyway, on the strength of that unshakable early lead! Ghiberti will have to see what he can make happen in the left bracket.

Hello Norm -- thanks for your vote, and I think your blog is pretty cool.

Chuck -- Extra credit for showing your work.