Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Play-In Artist SubTournament: Phase 2, Flight 4

In Phase 2, you may cast votes for up to TWO artists.  One vote per artist per person.

Phase 2, Flight 3 will be open until January 18, 2014. 
Phase 2, Flight 4 will be open until February 21, 2014.

#2 Andy Goldsworthy
born 1956

Finished First in Phase 1, Flight 12, with a voting score of .923.

#7 Ernst Haeckel
1834 - 1919

Finished Second in Phase 1, Flight 1, with a voting score of .800.

#12 M.C. Escher
1898 - 1972

Tied for First in Phase 1, Flight 4, with a voting score of .733.

#19 Maskull Lasserre
born 1978

Tied for Second in Phase 1, Flight 7, with a voting score of .688.

#21 David Mach
born 1956

Tied for Second in Phase 1, Flight 8, with a voting score of .636.

#28 Dorothea Lange
1895 - 1965

Tied for Third in Phase 1, Flight 5, with a voting score of .538.

#38 Albert Namtjira
1902 - 1959

Tied for Third in Phase 1, Flight 12, with a voting score of .462.

Vote for up to two artists! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. This poll will be open for approximately one and a half months past posting.


Elizabeth said...

Too many good artists in this one! Especially in the non-painting category. Impossible to choose between Goldsworthy and Mach, and I'd love to have Lange in for some photographic representation in the tournament.

Definitely going for Maskull Lasserre though.

Sigh ... I really want to vote for the squid, but that means I would drop Escher. All right, I'm following my own heart, and voting for Ernst Haeckel. Sorry, Escher. I'm sure you'll get enough votes from everyone else.

Morgan said...

I'll go for Escher, Mach

Chuckdaddy said...

Escher and Lange

pfly said...

Escher, Goldsworthy.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'll go with Lange and Escher.

mrs.5000 said...

I'm a big Goldsworthy fan, and I'll also go with Escher.

TB said...

Haeckel and Lange are my choices.


Michael5000 said...

Plenty of strength in this one, no? Goldsworthy without any doubt, for me, but lots of contenders for the number two spot.

Much as I love Escher -- I nominated him as the first artist in the Play-In pool, and think it's bizarre that he's not on the main Tournament list -- I'm going to vote from my heart: Ernst Haeckel. There, I said it.

Nichim said...

Goldsworthy and Haeckel. Although I wonder how much that's affected by the fact that they were first.

lamanyana said...

Goldsworthy and Haeckel, I guess.

Though if Haeckel was comfortably ahead of Escher, I would have given my vote to Lasserre -- like voting third-party in presidential elections when I live in a "safe" state for whatever major-party candidate I prefer.

Michael5000 said...

Votes-by-mail for Haeckel and Lange, with a note of regret for abandoning Goldsworthy.

Candida said...

Goldsworthy and Lange.

Michael5000 said...

With this round complete, Goldsworthy and Haeckel get their ticket to The Big Show. Escher and Lange both lose out by a single vote. One lousy. single. vote.

Thank you for voting in the Play-in Tournament!!

Kaimori said...

The second painting you have by Albert Namtjira is actually by another Australian Aboriginal called Peter Taylor. See the signature in the left corner.