Monday, August 18, 2014

The Free Box Tapes #8: "The Amazing Joan Armatrading"

The eighth Free Box Tape is a bottomfeeder-cheap commercial tape inside a blank-tape box.  

The Amazing Joan Armatrading (1974, possibly)

Sixty-Four Words: Joan Armatrading has a great name and a cult following in the U.S., although she’s a bigger deal in the U.K. and presumably huge in her native St. Kitts and Nevis. This is apparently an opportunistic re-release of her debut album with an extra song tacked on. I don’t know about “amazing,” but it’s pretty good stuff. Smoky music for people who don’t smoke.

Disposition: I'll keep it around for rainy afternoons.

Meanwhile, in Wyoming...

The running Avatar passed through Glenrock, Wyoming this weekend.

He eschewed the chance for delicious meals and dreamy beds, however, and continued eastward on Highway 26.


gl. said...

sneaky avatar update! does that guy ever stop running?

Michael5000 said...

can't stop won't stop