Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Wednesday Post

Greetings from Casper, Wyoming
The Avatar reaches the largest town he's seen since Pasco, Washington

Since April 6, my running Avatar has been trudging slowly across the state of Wyoming.  

He's almost out of the great patchwork of mountains and deserts that bollix up the western half of the country, and his arrival in the little city of Casper, Wyoming, brings him back to something resembling continuous human settlement.  Thin human settlement, to be sure, but the kind of civilized landscape where you are usually within 20 miles of someone will sell you Pop-Tarts, if you ask nicely.

Casper seems relatively happening!

First National Bank Building
Casper Wyoming
This fine structure houses the First National Bank, modern stores, and many offices of firms, operating in the Ranching and Oil industries of the Region.

1124 - East Second Street and Business District, Casper, Wyoming

1136  Center Street, Looking South, Casper, Wyoming, Showing Hotels and Business District

What the Avatar Saw
"Untitled-Plowed Fields," by Conrad Schwiering
Nicolaysen Art Museum

The local art mecca in Casper seems to be "The Nic," which is to say The Nicolaysen Art Museum.  You can tell is has high aspirations, what with the one-syllable nickname.  It is an intentionally regional museum, not in the sense of "in a large city and having a few Corots, a Chagall, and a prominently displayed Louise Nevelson," but in the sense of "trying to promote art culture in the local area."  Or, as the curators would have it, The general permanent collection highlights the wide variety of media and styles found in contemporary art of the Rocky Mountain Region.  That is (a) awesome, (b) probably inevitable for a young (1984) collecting institution with a small-city budget, and (c) means that, unsurprisingly, the Avatar is probably not going to get much Tournament-level art appreciation done at this stop.  But that's cool.  Frankly, he's just happy to be around people again.

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