Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Free Box Tapes #18 & 19: Steely Gustav

More tapes from the Free Box of yesteryear. 

Steely Dan, Pretzel Logic (1974) 

Sixty-Four Words: This is widely considered to be one of the great albums of its time. I think that if you enjoy Steely Dan, this record really captures their production values and instrumental virtuosity. Personally, I feel like they made songs musically complex without making them exciting, beautiful, or interesting. I could never have guessed that “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” would be a hit song.

Disposition: Will be disposed of.  Yell if you want it.

Mahler, Symphony #2 ("Resurrection")

Sixty-Four Words: I've never much warmed to Mahler's Second, and I had low hopes for an anonymous recording on a low-grade "LN" cassette.

Turns out that it’s an exciting recording, very energetic and dramatic! The unknown conductor and orchestra treat the ol’ “Resurrection,” which often comes off as stodgy, as if it were fresh and new. Even the sound quality is better than it should be!

Disposition: A definite keeper.

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