Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round One: Riopelle v. van Ostade!

It's the first match of the Second Annual First Round First Week!  ...if you follow me.

Jean-Paul Riopelle
1923 - 2002

Tied with Bridget Riley in his first stab at the First Round.


Adriaen van Ostade
1610 - 1685

Tied with Sir William Orpen in his first try at Round One.
Tied with Frederic Leighton in his second try at Round One.


Vote for the artist of your choice! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Polls open for at least one month past posting.


Christine M. said...

van Ostade

boonec1974 said...

Riopelle is kind of fun, while van Ostade is most demonstrably not. It's the new year! I'll go with fun.

Morgan said...

van Ostade

Nichim said...


DrSchnell said...

van Ostade

Michael5000 said...

This is not the most promising of matches in my humble opinion. I was thinking Ostade, but Chuck's careful reasoning changed my mind. Riopelle it is.

mrs.5000 said...

I quite like Riopelle, I find.

Michael5000 said...

Susan voted for von Ostade a while back, but I've been lazy.

Candida said...

van Ostade

Michael5000 said...

Van Ostade ends up on top by a single vote in this slugfest! He'll take on Jan Steen in Round 2. Thanks for voting!