Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Wednesday Post

Chicken In A Basket
A Postcard Puzzle.

We were recently sent this wonderfully boring postcard by a friend of the enterprise.  She presented it as a puzzle by covering the caption on the back and asking:
Guess Where?
In full disclosure, I must admit that I had to confess I had no reasonable idea, and also that when Mrs.5000 gave her guess I said "Nah, that's not right."  Needless to say, Mrs.5000 was right.

In what American city was this postcard photographed? 


DrSchnell said...

Wow! My guess is San Francisco.

Jennifer said...

I'm guessing something like Honolulu.

lalapalooza said...

surely not Alaska?

the selecting all images with a storefront to prove my humanity was too much for me lol

Dug said...

I think this is in northern New Jersey - like Rahway or Linden or something

boonec1974 said...